Frozen Dog Poop Bombs

…right there in my yard

It’s 31 fuckin’ degrees outside just now! To you folks from the less civilized world (or the high Sierras here in California), that might seem like a balmy day, but to us here in the Big Tomato, it’s too damned cold. I’m hoping my spinach survives the freeze. Daisy was none to thrilled about being taken out into the freezing cold to pee, so she accomplished her mission in record time before streaking back into her warm bed. Meanwhile, before I leave for my dentist appointment, I need to pick up and dispose of the titular doggie land mines.

And before y’all start calling me a cold weather wimp (which I am), I’ll just tell ya that we will no doubt see a few even colder days hereabouts before the sane weather returns.


3 comments on “Frozen Dog Poop Bombs

  1. jbru says:

    Here in balmy Minnesota we have 47 degrees on the way to a high of 55 with thunderstorms. Welcome to global warming!

  2. freyaw says:

    Where I am, it should reach 31 Celsius in a couple of hours – the forecast is for 38C today.

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