Super Milk Chan VS Ren & Stimpy

…wow, I just heard sombody’s head explode

Today, I switch over from daily characters to daily locations.

365 Days, 365 Characters/Locations

About this : We’ll start off our locations with a small drinking establishment set in the Pulp Era.

#113: Hannigan’s Tavern

Located on a corner in a working class section of The Big City, Hannigan’s is the kind of place were the average Joe can stop in for a couple of brews after a hard day at work. The radio is usually set to a baseball game or a comedy show and there’s free pretzels or peanuts at the bar.

The layout is simple…the main room is a 30’X65′ rectangle with booths on one side, the bar on the other and tables & chairs in between. A long hallway connects the main room with (in order): men’s room, ladies room, broom closet, office, store room and “meeting room”. The meeting room is generally used for Hannigan’s weekly poker game, but sometimes it gets used to stash people in trouble. Not criminals, just folks who find themselves in danger from bad guys.

The decor of Hannigan’s runs mostly to dark woods, bar signs and medium level lighting. The place has seen better days, but it’s not a dump.

Open Mon.-Sat. 11 am to 2 am and Sunday from 1 pm to 12 am.


One comment on “Super Milk Chan VS Ren & Stimpy

  1. jbru says:

    Booo! We want characters!
    (And we didn’t even get a map. Grump.)

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