Wringing Out The Old Year

…just because I can

Well, my droogies, I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Now, this could be the onset of a cold…or a throat infection…or irratation from breathing thru my mouth while sleeping…or even allegies. Whatever it is, thanks to my narrow throat and equally narrow nasal passages, I’m having a hard time breathing and sometimes choke a bit. Right now, I’m OK, thanks to Breath Right Strips and a dose of Airborne and a mega dose of vitamins from Doctor Grace (to say nothing of the gallons of water, juice and herbal tea she is forcing down me). Hopefully, by the end of this 3 day weekend, I’ll be feeling better.

Anyway, I’m stuck here in my recliner by order of My Sweet Little Herbal Healer Of Love. I’ve got Vincent Price in The Last Man On Earth on the telly, the laptop on my lap and Extreme Basset Hound Wrestling: Chew Bones Battle going on all over the living room and dining room. The aforementioned wife is out finishing the shopping trip we began earlier that was interrupted by me becoming a big old sick wussyass whiner.

And now, I’m off to start writing my first LJ entry of the new year (and yes, it will take 2 days)

It’s Not Easy Being An Evil Genius

…or her assistants…or her gerbils

Just a quick post to tell everyone who doesn’t know yet that Sunday will see the passing of Narbonic into webcomics history. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s just say that Narbonic is funny, way cool, well written/drawn and most likely why the internet was created in the first place. Go now, and read thru the archives.

The Dark Knight Returns His Xmas Presents

…the Hawaiian print cape & cowl just didn’t work

Sweet Baby Jesus on a flour tortilla, it is one cold and windy motherfucker outside! It was very windy all day, but once the sun set, the temperature just plummeted. The girls got a much shorter than usual late walk, but they didn’t seem to mind much.

I may not post again until the first. It will take me that long to get my hugeass annual “Subjectivity” post done.

Oh, yeah, I’m also working a sorta secret project that some of you will become privy to in about a week or so.

More bloggo later

Walking Through The Land Of The Moon Apes

…no, they don’t moon ya

After laboriously tabulating all 9 votes in the “What Should Doc Try Writing Next?” poll, the big winner is…

Linked Adventure Seeds, with 4 votes!

The Build A Setting By Poll Results got 3 votes and the other two ideas got one vote each.

So, boys and girls, it looks like after the first of the year, I’ll be cranking out those adventure seeds. BUT…

…I’ll be using polls to let you suggest portions of each adventure seed.

And now, I’m off to bed.