The Kitty Cats Drive Route 66

…and yes, they get their kicks

Uncle Doc’s Day

Well, we went to see “Happy Feet” (micro review: Catchy tunes, pretty good flick) and, whilst there, saw the new trailer for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, which looks to be a must see.

After the flicks, we had a bite to eat, then came home to walk Daisy…do homework…was dishes & clothes…water the garden…watch tv…read…etc, etc, etc.

Not exactly a ball of fire day, but then, we are simple country folk:)

Tomorrow: Game Day! Will our intrepid adventurers manage to escort the goblin warlord’s son back home without getting killed? Stay tuned!

365 Days, 365 Characters/Locations

About this location: Every city and town in most of our world has one of these.

#116: The Old Dark House

The Old Dark House is not just an old dark house, you know. Oh no, it is something much creepier and much more dangerous. It’s a haven for monsters, crazed killers, ghosts and other thinks that bump in the night.

The Old Dark House moves around every few years. When it does, it transforms to look like the old dark house whose place it occupies. Then, it sits and waits for victims to enter it. Well, ok, it does allow the odd serial killer or werewolf or zombie out now and again, just to shake things up, but mostly it just sits and waits.

Inside, this homicidal home looks pretty much like any old abandoned house…if a cannibal cult lived there. Additionally, the ODH is rather TARDISlike in that it is much larger on the inside than the outside. In particular, there are lots of hallways and stairways and the basement has at least two levels, with 6 to 12 rooms in each level. Once in awhile, just for fun, the ODH will open up a Hellgate or a dimensional portal in one of it’s rooms.

As you might imagine, getting into the ODH is a hell of a lot easier than getting out. Destroying the ODH is absolutely impossible. What really gets destroyed is the original old dark house. The Old Dark House merely teleports itself to a new location.


2 comments on “The Kitty Cats Drive Route 66

  1. doc_mystery says:

    “Happy Feet” (micro review: Catchy tunes, pretty good flick)
    Is it kiddie friendly?

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