Juicy Lucy Saves The Day

…way back in 1972

Today was Game Day here at the House of C and our intrepid adventurers did indeed manage to get the goblin boy back to his family, with only a brief and stinky fight with some brain hungry living dead to slow them up. True, one of the characters did spend most of the fight doing the technicolor yawn because he failed to save vs the stench, but by and large, the fight went fast. This was mostly due to Grace’s mage using a wand of magic missiles to turn the dead attackers heads into a fine red mist.

Once the boy was home, the goblins proclaimed their undying friendship to the adventurers, fed them, put them up for the night and gave them a hefty box of gold nuggets. Later, just before sneaking across the border back into their homeland, the group lucked onto a stash of loot belonging to a recently deceased goblin con man.

The game ended with the thief making second level and the rest of the party very close to it. We won’t be playing again this month, but we’ll resume in early January with the group headed off to the Big City to sell off most of their bigass stash of loot.

And now, today’s location

365 Days, 365 Characters/Locations

About this location: This place is the castle stronghold of a Sorceror so powerful, he’d make Conan cry like a little girl.

#117: The Steel Skyfortress of Shandar Khan

Imagine a mighty fortress, measuring nearly a half a mile on a side, with a castle in the center that stands 250 tall. Now, make the whole thing out of enchanted steel, set it on a round disk of earth a mile across and 300 feet thick and set it to floating in the sky at an altitude of about 3 miles and then cloak the whole thing so it’s invisible and silent. THAT is the Steel Skyfortress of Shandar Khan.

At any given time, the fortress has roughly 3,500 beings living on it, many of them human. There are soldiers, slaves, apprentice mages and support folk. The fortress has room for horses and other riding animals, which are used by the soldiers when a raid is called for. Sewage and other wastes are processed magically back into fresh water and fuel for the furnaces.

Shandar Khan generally allows the fortress to travel randomly on the winds, but is fully capable of ordering it to go anywhere he wants. Since the merest sight of it is terrifying to most sentient creatures, he seldom needs to let loose his troops.

Most of the time, Khan is studying and plotting in his castle and leaves the day to day operations to his right hand man, Eveross Xorr, a damned powerful Wizard in his own right.


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