Introducing The Winkerdog

…and a little cutie she is, by golly

Well, it finally happened: I missed putting up an entry in my 365 Characters/Locations attempt. Shit!

Since I made myself a promise that if I missed a day, I’d end the experiment, it’s over. Still, I made it about a third of the way.

Now I need to think up what my next LJ writing experiment will be.

Dog News

Today, we adopted a sweet little 2 year old Basset girl named Winker. She has some birth defects (one bad eye, bowed front legs, minor skull deformities), but she is very friendly and loving and sweet.

She and Daisy seem to get along ok, altho I’m sure big sister Daisy will be the dominant girl.

A Dogster page for Winker (with pics) will be coming soon.

Dang, I just realized that now, this house has 3 females and 1 male. No wonder Grace is grinning. I’m doomed:)


6 comments on “Introducing The Winkerdog

  1. doc_mystery says:

    Oh no you don’t, buster.
    Take a look at that Dogster post you made with Daisy, yesterday.
    Included were not only pictures of this NPD (Non Player Doggie), but also such vial Doggie Dynamics (statistics) as Energy, Intelligence, Friendliness, Playfulness & Disposition (which would fit in with a very interesting CharGen’s personality profile).
    You did NOT miss putting up an entry, Doc.
    You MISSED labelling this entry as one of your 365 Characters/Locations, that’s all.

  2. aota says:

    Thats too bad about the characters but you did very well while you were doing them. Know what you mean about a house full of girls. I got my wife and three female cats. Good luck with Serena.

  3. jbru says:

    It was a good run, Doc. Looking forward to the Next Big Thing!

  4. nvdaydreamer says:

    Kudos on getting the experiment as far as you did. Even four months of persistence like that for purely personal reasons and with no substantial reward is quite good IMO.

  5. Thanks for a wonderful series. It has been a part of my neccessary raeding since you began.
    And I, for one, understand the importance of needing to keep one’s word in such matters. I await with baited breathe [1] your next experiment.
    [1] I always wanted to see if that angler fish experiment would work…

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