The Tale Of The Thief, The Housewife And The Perfect Score

…it was…I mean…damn!

Lazy Thoughts On A Lazy Day

1: In a couple of hours (after Grace and Winker return fron the vet), My Sweet Little Chocolate Pizza Of Happiness and I will be heading to IKEA to check out bookcases, which we are in dire need of.

2: I’ve been doing some thinking about these so called “indie” RPGs that all the youngsters seem to be heated up about. I think a longish post may be formulating in my head.

3: So, who amongst you is planning on being at GenCon Indy next August? There could be something more than pure curiosity related to that question.


5: I’m playing (not GMing) in a gaming session tomorrow. It looks to be an extremely funny experience. I’ll write more on it tomorrow night.

6: This is the time of year when gardening is very minimal, if I do any at all. However, it is also the time of year that we gardeners drool over nursery catalogs and plot our orgies of springtime horticultural.

7: I’m thinking that Winter Curryfest 2006 is very near. Ditto for me making a big batch of Hell In Your Mouth Chili.

And now is coming the time to get dressed for the shopping. More blogathon later.


5 comments on “The Tale Of The Thief, The Housewife And The Perfect Score

  1. doc_mystery says:

    None of your posted choices on your previous big LJ writing project ignited my interest, to be perfectly frank.
    I’d go for ‘something else’, but I’m not certain what that would be. I like the idea that whatever it is would be guided by feedback from others. Perhaps that’s what your short story could be, a kind of ‘choose your own adventure’ where you take our input based on a few options, and take the story from there. Heck, you could even make it old school, and have it be a quirky dungeon crawl or pulp themed adventure story.

  2. Gen Con in 2007
    Barring unforeseen circumstances, Holly and I will be in Indianapolis for Gen Con ’07.

  3. Hello, Doc!
    Re: Next big LJ writing thing: I’d be interested in “Variations on a theme” or adventure seeds. I prefer topics where I can miss a post or read posts out of sequence without too much trouble, since I tend to save my reading for weekends.
    Re: Indie games: I highly recommend Atomic Sock Monkey’s Truth & Justice or Zorcerer of Zo games. I like the PDQ system as much as Over the Edge now, but for different games (e.g., less lethal in combat.) The ease of use and of character creation is comparable.

  4. delazan says:

    GC Indy 2007
    The husband and I are planning to attend this. Our plans may change, however, if certain circumstances keep us from attending.

  5. unclelumpy says:

    Not so much “planning” on going to GenCon Indy as “hoping and praying”.
    Pete had such a fun time last year I really want to bring him again.

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