Wicked Turtles Shot My Baby Down

…if I find ’em, I’ll kick their carapaces

So I’m looking at the archives for January and it seems I did not post on a Wednesday all month. Well, except for today.

Anyway, in other news, it seems that An Undiscovered Island In The Pacific is the winner of the most recent Adventure Seed poll. That’s cool by me, altho the 2 runner ups will most likely find their way into the final mix as well. The final poll will be up tomorrow.

So, who amongst you will be attending DunDraCon? I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Apparently, the virus/virii that mercilessly buggered my laptop caused enough damage so that Grace could not just wave her Magical Techie Wand and fix it straightaway. Instead, she must now do some Arcane Techie Ritual and maybe sacrifice a goat or a Microsoft employee. Not sure which. At any rate, I may be in for a few more days of Laptop Withdrawal.

And now, I’m outta here. More from the Infernal Blogging Device later.

Wine Gets Mellow And Gains Character, Cheese Gets Stronger And Smellier

…and I reckon I do all of the above as I age

Birthday Update

Went to the Indian buffet for lunch. Good food and I partook of it robustly. May explode soon.

Gifted myself with a couple of used CD’s (Tom Waits Closing Time and The Ramones Ramonesmania)from Dimple Records.

Wrassled with the girls and ended up covered by enough dog hair to knit a Bichon Frise.

Might go buy myself a book later.

Will polish off the last two Guinness while watching Heroes tonight.

And now…

More bloggage later, after food induced coma.

Not Quite Your Usual Suburban Mom

…what with that flogger and those red come fuck me shoes

Birthday Weekend Update

I’m about 3.5 pints into me Guinness just now.

Decided not to have cake, but bought lots of ice cream.

Today was Game Day and I made two kinds of killer salsa and some fuckin’ ay great guacamole.

Watched episode 2 of The Dresden Files and while it’s getting better, it still ain’t as good as the novels.

Tomorrow’s birthday lunch: Mexican or Indian? Decisions, decisions…

Today’s game session was all about a little “warm up” session in an arena filled with pits, loot and monsters, prior to entering the main dungeon next time…which will be the week after DunDraCon.

Called my friend Mary Jones (wife of Spike Y Jones) to wish her a happy birthday. She had the good sense to be born the day before my birthday, altho 11 years after me.

Damn…need more Guinness and a bit o’ ice cream. More bloggage later.

Mrs. Wangdoodle Sticks It To The Man

…take that, you corporate scalawags

Breaking…or maybe breakable…News

I just recieved this email…

Greetings Gamers,

Today we have some sad news for you – we are announcing the closure of Gen Con So Cal. This event will not happen in 2007. We would like to thank all the companies in the hobby game industry who worked hard to help create this show, and to our volunteers who regularly sacrifice vacation time to work long hours to help us entertain gamers, and all of the fans who have supported us and come to So Cal over the years.

I was surprised it lasted as long as it did.

Dreaming Of Macaws And Pork Fried Rice

…and the sun setting in the Pacific

Adventure Seed Update

Looks like Mysterious Event is gonna be our winner. I’ll wait until tomorrow to post the next poll.


The laptop has caught some kind of virus, so I’m forced to use our ancient desktop computer until Grace can weave her Technomantic spells and fix said laptop.

This weekend is my Official Three Day Birthday Weekend! My birthday (#53 for those of you playing along at home)is on Monday and I’m planning on making this a food and drink extravaganza. Plus, Sunday is Game Day and there’ll be a movie in the mix at some point.

Yesterday, I got the new Wayside Gardens nursery catalog and saw that they had a new variety of Coreopsis called “Jethro Tull”. How cool is that? One of my fave bands and one of my fave flowering plants all rolled into one. No woord yet on if the plant plays flute while standing on one leg:)

Gotta go. More wanton blogging later.

Why I Love Fog

…and other tales your mother warned you about

Cryptic Announcement

Soon, like in a day or so, some of you will get an invite to be the LJ friend of shadowgm. Take the offer, because Uncle Doc is up to something and he wants some of you to be part of it.

That is all.