Warm Thunder

…red rain

Well well, here’s Part Two of

In 2006, I did a short run of James Bond movie title spoofs. I think I’ll do some more this year.

From Russia With Blog

Blogfinger (this one sounds vaguely nasty)

Live And Let Blog

The Man With The Golden Blog

A fair percentage of my blog titles come from real life stuff, be it my Wild & Misspent Youth or things that happen around the house nowadays. Any items I don’t comment on are either self explanatory or not available at your security level:)

Lusty Romps With The California Kid

Oh, Baby, You Know My Lies Are True (said to Grace more than once)

My Muse Is Dry Humping My Leg (I think I may have said this one to my friend avylou before I used it as a subject)

With Me, You Get Beauty And The Beast All In One Package, Baby! (another one I said to Grace, thus causing eye rolling and head shaking)

It Was Never About The Cheap Thrills, It Was About Moderately Priced Thrills

Return Of The Geek Weekend (DunDraCon report)

Young Gaming Geeks In Love

I Would Totally Have Fun Being Wolverine

The Big Yellow House On Party Road (when I lived in San Jose in the early/mid 80’s, this was THE place to have a party. No, the street was not really named Party Road)

The Great Indoor Camping Experiment (14 people, 1 expensive hotel room in Beverly Hills. Nothing we did would seem strange to your average Sci-Fi/Gaming con goer)

Long Haired Women Make Me Howl At The Moon

A Redhead Was On My Left And A Blonde Was On My Right (and then…no, I don’t think I’ll elaborate)

Fresno Freddy Makes The Big Score (I actually wrote Fresno Freddie up as one of my 365 Characters entries last fall)

Mexican Jenny And The Naked Slip & Slide (as I wrote in last year’s Subjectivity, her name was not Jenny and she wasn’t Mexican. However, there was a slip & slide and we were all naked.)

The Dame Was Nothing But Trouble

The Famous California Hunting Pig (she was a real hunting pig and her name was Honey)

A Little Larceny, A Little Champagne

Legendary Kilted Portuguese Dinosaur Hunter (me, and I’ve got the pix to prove it)

Stop Making Those Danger Noises (I often provide my own sound effects. Grace doesn’t like the danger related ones)

Sun Is The Same, In A Relative Way

Two Ducks Guard The Television (yep, and Frank & Hank are their names)

The Girl Who Lost The Bet (actually, none of us really lost this particular bet:)

Big Jack & Dr. Love VS The Rednecks (AKA “Two sailors clear out a roadhouse”)

Aw, Damn, I Thought You Said It Was The Number Of The BREAST (from the 6/6/06 post)

The Effects Of Naked Women On The Criminal Mind

Sweet Hot Squinky Love

You Were Only Worth My Time When You Were Naked, Baby (yes, I really said this to a woman when a relationship ended. Yes, she deserved it.)

Here…Hold This Anvil

I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn…No, Wait, I AM Bad

I Thought It Was Over, Until The Big Black Car Drove Up (nothing is over if a big black car drives up)

Equal Parts Crazy And Cool (one of the nicer compliments I’ve gotten)

The Light Blue Negligee Of Doom

My Happy Place Has Been Closed Down

Seriously Tripped Up By A Pair Of Big Blue Eyes

She Liked The Dangerous Boys (sometimes she liked them in 2’s and 3’s :)

No Fried Rice For You, Spade Marlowe (this line was said to my private eye character in the most hilarious Call of Cthulhu game I’ve ever played in)

Yes, It’s A Crazy Thing To Do

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Dreaming Of Giant Porcupines (I had that dream way back in 1982 or so)

She Had Electric Eyes

The Wacky Fish Sandwich Lady (one of my nicknames for Mary Chriest Jones, a dear friend of mine and wife of my buddy, Spike Y Jones)

Making Crazy Salad (my nephew Chris helped me invent this recipe when he was about 5. He’s 22 now.)

Three Cute Chicks And A Fat Guy In Drag (the ladies dressed me up for Halloween one year in the 70’s)

The $15,000.00 Manure Pile Treasure (what cop is gonna stick his arm into a truckload of shit?)

The Thieving Fog Nymph (I never found out her real name)

Little Blue and Green Ear People (based on a real drug induced hallucination)

Cruisin’ For Babes In The Frozen Foods Aisle (AKA “nipplewatch”)

The World Champion Barbed Wire Fence Diver (sometimes you don’t have the time to climb through)

The House Of Whacks (my nickname for the home of my old dominatrix friend)

The Vicious Guard Dogs Who Loved Turkey Frankfurters (thus making them a whole lot less vicious and, in fact, pretty darned friendly)

Doris, The Exploding Bicycle (she didn’t really explode, just sorta fell apart all at once)

Electric Betty And The Too Sweet Kid (they were both very sweet people. I wonder if they ever had kids?)

The Almost Completely True Adventures Of Captain California, Pirate & Adventurer

There Were Tears On Her Cheeks, But A Smile In Her Eyes

Nipplemania! (some contests are just a sheer pleasure to judge)

Looking Down On A Room Full Of Wise Guys (yes, real no shit Soprano’s type wise guys. on a scale of 1 to 10, this has a pucker factor of about 23)

The Day We Blew Up Roger (ok, so “blew up” is not 100% accurate. Still, there were explosives involved)

Greetings From Kaua’I

An Angel In The Pacific

The Not So Long, But Really Winding Road

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

A Red Dress And A Black Leather Jacket

An Ice Cold Glass Of Shut The Fuck Up (line stolen and paraphrased from “Dead Like Me”)

Mud, Crawdads And Whiskey (and then came the crawdad boil)

Three Guys Walking Past A Graveyard (from a real high school camping trip)

It’s Like Kickboxing In A Rowboat

Damn, Young Skywalker, You ARE A Jedi! (I wrote this when a young friend/protégée of mine used what I had taught he to force me to vote last fall. I was so proud)

Ten Years Down The Road (Grace and I celebrated our 10th anniversary)

Bikermouse And The Long Ride To Heaven (his name wasn’t Bikermouse, but where he ended up was pretty heavenly)

The Day Daisy Came To Stay

The Summer That We Nearly Went To Woodstock (I wracked my brain for 10 days to figure out how to pull it off, but at age 14 I was just too young to take off for 2 weeks)

Turkeys, You Have Nothing To Fear Here

The California Kid Drops A Dime

The World Famous Mudball Catapult (it actually worked pretty well, altho the Mudballs needed modification so they’d stick together during flight)

Frozen Dog Poop Bombs

So We Put His Sports Car In An Oak Tree (one of those wacky high school hijinks)

She’s My Bitch

Dreams Of Racing To GenCon

Wild Bill And The California Kid Wrassle A Steer (Wild Bill = my dad, The California Kid = me, the steer = Casey.)

Juicy Lucy Saves The Day (more than once, actually)

Blue Rocks And Pink Bikinis

Son Of A Bitch! (not a good day, I’m thinkin’)

Gosh, Officer, I Think You Just Dropped This $500 (sometimes fortune does favor the bold)

The Tale Of The Thief, The Housewife And The Perfect Score (anytime you get laid while working…:)

Squinky Gets The Good News

Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Wringing Out The Old Year

Yeah, He’s Cool…But His Mother Is A Bitch (posted after the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club Show)

Morning Madness And The Magic Teapot

Baby, If People Were Food, You’d Be Pie (yet another endearing witticism said to Grace)

It’s Not Easy Being An Evil Genius (a Narbonic related post)

Here’s Lookin’ At You, Helen B. Narbon (ditto)