Opal Cats, Ivory Dogs, Jade Snakes

…and itchy fingers

As others have stated, these quizzes are damned accurate.

Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle…

Which Sexy Are You?


You keep it real smooth, all James Bond-style. The suave, international hotties will love you.

You’re sophisticated, mature, and you’ve got fairly expensive tastes. (And your personal hygiene? Outstanding.) Just be careful not to get too carried away. Big, bold romantic gestures are sexy and all, but there’s something to be said for sharing a laugh or dancing in the rain. (As long as you’re not wearing any suede.)

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Dreamy One Capably Conferring Rapturous Orgasms and Sensual Stimulation

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And finally, the poll for Adventure Seed #3

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