The Secret Mouse Invasion

…they want our cheese

Even Hank Aaron Struck Out Once In A While

Well sir, after 18 years of GMing sold out, packed full with extra players Toon games here at DunDraCon, I had my first dud. Well, not a dud really, but a less than usually great game.

Ten people did in fact sign up for the game, but only five showed up and one of them (a rather hyper young lad with a hovering overprotective mother) left before we started. I only had two players from past games (one of my long time players couldn’t make it due to a leg injury) and we did get a couple of drop ins, but the total was still only 8 players and no spectators.

By most peoples standards, I reckon the game was a success. but I’ve become rather spoiled by the S.R.O. crowds. Also, I blame this whole cursed thing on my having to run the game in a room on the right hand side of the hallway that the official game rooms are on. That was only the second time that has ever happened.

But today is a new day and soon, the Flea Market opens:)

Adventure Seed #4: The Green Hell

(Note: The link is the ghostly woman from the last adsventure)

A deadly plague is ravaging Europe and threatening to spread across the rest of the world! Doc Tempest and his Sensational Six, accompanied by the strange and beautiful Asheema the Ghost Woman, must race a group of deranged Nazis into the heart of the Amazon jungle in search of a cure. There, in an ancient lost city, they will encounter prehistoric terrors and man made engines of death. Will Team Tempest succeed? The fate of the world rests in the balance!

Whew! Just writing that got me all excited:)

And now, off for some bargain hunting and joyful geekery!


2 comments on “The Secret Mouse Invasion

  1. doc_mystery says:

    If you see any Star Ace stuff (Pacesetter games), let me know!

  2. nvdaydreamer says:

    It’s no consolation at this point, but I’m making plans to be at DunDraCon next year. Lymon the Lemur awaits his Great Debut.

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