Violent Violet Violins

…say that three times fast

Home Again

I got home from DunDraCon about 4:00 yesterday. We left at about 1:30, after I finally played in a game of Settlers of Catan after all these years. Now that I know how to play it, I’ll have to dig out the copy I bought 2 years ago so I can teach the rest of our gaming group how to play.

Next Con: Conquest Sac in mid-April.

And now I’m off to play a bit of Civilization 3 before heading to work.


One comment on “Violent Violet Violins

  1. doc_mystery says:

    I bought my own copy of Settlers in Germany during our honeymoon, in 1998, and it took me a couple of years to rip off the shrink-wrap and play this with friends who knew the rules.

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