Beware Of Buttsnakes!

…they will bite your hiney

Stuff…Posed Just The Way You Like It

1: In my Dundracon reportage, I failed to mention the Buyer’s Baazar (aka Flea Market). That would be because, by and large, it sucked. It only ran on Saturday (because in recent years the Sunday sessions were drying up fast), it closed doors 2 hours early and the room never once filled up with sellers. I saw nothing I wanted to buy and that’s a first for me. I hope things improve next year.

2: I’ve never talked about this, but Dundracon always falls on or very near the anniversary of my dad’s death back in 1984. Altho I didn’t start regularly attending the con until 1988, it has had a healing effect. Most years, I completely forget about what day it is…which has long since ceased to make me feel any guilt (not that feeling guilt is something I do much anyway). Old Wild Bill would have liked that, himself not being very big on guilt or annual celebrations of dead people.

3: I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempted to go out and work in the garden, but I have long since learned that this is the time of year when Old Dame Weather just loves to fuck with gardeners and their labors. I shall wait a few more weeks.

4: Heroes was pretty good last night. The long anticipated death (and the murderer) were a surprise. Stan Lee’s cameo was funny and the setup for next weeks episode set the hook nicely in fannish jaws.

5: Bought and drank some goat milk yesterday. Grace and I both agreed that it was almost impossible to tell from cow’s milk. That having been determined, I’m thinking we’ll be adding a milk goat or two to the livestock list when we move out to the country (or as my more urbanly addicted friends call it “run off into the woods”) in a few years.

The girls are giving me that “Yo, Dad, it’s walkies time” look, so I’m outta here. More blogzilla later.

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  1. delazan says:

    Cons and Anniversaries
    I attended my first Gen Con (in 1990) because I attended a funeral that week, and my Brian didn’t want me home alone after that. Gina was a dear friend of mine from college who died suddenly due to an aneurism. I still miss her sometimes, but I know that like your father, she wouldn’t want me to be all melancholy on the anniversary of her death.
    Let’s get together in August and toast to absent friends, m’kay? I’ll buy the first round.

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