Wandering In The Dreamhills

…with Tom Waits and Mark Twain, no less

Yeah, that above is from a totally cool dream I had last night. It also featured: a nubile young lass, very small towns from my youth that no longer resemble small towns, a big ol’ friendly black Lab named Pete, a ’57 Chevy pickup and my mom at age 40 or so.

Doc & Grace Get Busy

No, not that sort of busy:) Today we shall, in order, do the following:

1: Go see Ghost Rider
2: Take the girls to the dog park
3: Bring said girly hounds home and bathe them most thoroughly
4: Go food shopping
5: Attack huge piles of homework (Grace)
6: Attack huge piles of laundry & dishes (Doc)
7: Cook and eat dinner
8: Collapse in front of the telly

More items will surely be added to this list.

Adventure Seed #5 will be posted tonight or tomorrow.


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