Red Cat Scream

…a neo-blues song

My weekend was, by turns, fun…busy…more fun…tiring…exceptionally stressful…busy…tasty…big fun…busy…restful.

On Sunday, the gaming group (minus Grace who is in Homework Hell) played Settlers of Catan. It was great fun and I won the game in a very close three way race for that 10th victory point.

And now…

Adventure Seed #5: The Hyde Curse
(The link here is Nazis)

After tracking the escaped Major Stiener and his crew through the steaming jungles of Brazil, Doc and company find the trail leads them to Greece and the ancient city of Athens. Things take a turn toiwards the mysterious when they find Stiener in a coma and one of his assistants totally insane. What could cause such a thing and why are terribly beaten bodies popping up all over the city? Could it be related to the thefts of rare gemstones and common seashells? The only clue is a page from a notebook that mentions experiments and the name: Jekyll. Can Doc and his crew stop the murders and solve the mystery, or has an old evil from the past come back to terrorize the modern world?


Mini Movie Review: Ghost Rider

You can seldom go wrong with a Nick Cage flick or one where Sam Elliot gets to play a cowboy. This movie has both and is a darned fine popcorn flick. Great special effects and not a bad story, either. It’s not Macbeth, but then, who would expect it to be? Doc says check it out.

And now to work.


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