The Synthetic People Will Eat Your Face

…except for Morrie, who prefers feet

My Adventure In Self-Inflicted Wounds

This morning, as I was hurrying to get out the door and off to my dermatologists office for my Tuesday session in the UVB Booth of Doom, I hurried a bit too much while slicing a pig ear chew for the girls. El Knifo slips and Senor Cross loses a fair portion of the tips of his middle and index fingers on the left hand. Much bleeding ensued…so much that I couldn’t (in my now one handed state) get them properly bandaged to stop the bleeding.

Clutching a small towel that is now gaily spotted with crimson blotches, I called Grace to give her the 411 and tell her that I was off to the ER at the hospital about a block from here. The fine folks there got me bandaged and disenfected and, after giving me about the 25th tetanus shot of my life (no exaggerating), they sent me home. I couldn’t go to work, so here I am, bloggin’ in the middle of the day.

I may miss work tomorrow, too, since the doctor said it’d take as long as two days for the wounds to crust over properly. *SIGH* This sucks.

And now, I’m off to walk the girls.

6 comments on “The Synthetic People Will Eat Your Face

  1. doc_mystery says:

    You siiced your fingers cutting up a pig Ear Chew for your wife and dogs?
    Um…is this some form of California delicacy?
    Or delicious irony given it’s now the Chinese (Y)ear of the Pig?
    At any rate, all the best for a speedy healing!

    • Doc Cross says:

      Roasted pig ears are dog treats that are very popular and I’m sure they sell them in Canada, too. No, Grace was not there to get any of it, even had she wanted some:)

  2. jbru says:

    Yowch! Be more careful, Doc! (Or, be less careful and more adventurous. You know, like cut those pig’s ears with a chainsaw, slip and slice a femoral artery. Now that would be a story!)
    Heal up, the girls need your mad ear-slicin’ skillz!

  3. avylou says:

    Oh Doc! Major owie! Sending sympathetic cringes. Amazing how fast one can do such damage to oneself. I hope you heal up very quickly and without complications. Hugs!

    • Doc Cross says:

      Thankee, ma’am. I’ll heal up ok, being a healthy lad and all. Not much risk of tetanus what with shot 25 under my belt…well, in my left shoulder actually.

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