Eddie The Gimp’s Last Big Deal

…before he took a powder

An Anvil Fell On My Head

Well, ok, it was an anvil made outta Guinness, but I woke up with my head throbbing all the same. Oh, wither that young lad who could imbibe strong drink until the wee hours?

Played in a Monster Island slugfest last night and got my ass handed to me. Stoopid MechaGodzilla and stoopid low rolling dice!

Wandered around a bit and once again I must give props to the mini/wargamers who build all that wicked cool terrain. My jealousy knows no bounds.

Talked to a few people, including a very nice young lady and her friend who found my tales of the gamer lifestyle to be pretty funny. So funny, in fact, that at one point they had to collapse into nearby chairs to laugh without falling.

Well, it’s about time to start clearing out of the room and then doing a tad more conning before we leave around 2 PM. I’ll write more tonight.

Rowdy Owls

…eatin’ mice and takin’ names

Further Dispatches From The Dorkside

There are a very large number of kids at DunDraCon this year. Most of them see to be preteens and a fair percentage, maybe 25%, are girls. In fact, there are more kids here that I’ve ever seen at this con.

Aside from playing in a Faery’s Tale demo, I’ve yet to play in a game. Might try to find one after dinner.

Bought a lot of dice…$67.00 worth…many were $2.00 each…got some real cool colored ones…a few of these dice will be for My Sweet Angel and a few are for the members of my gaming group who got hosed out of being here.

Hmmm…dinnertime is nearing and I’m craving something spicy. I’m thinking Mexican.

After dinner will come the Guinness and perhaps the gaming…or maybe the bullshitting with gamers while drinking the Guinness…we shall see.

More connish bloggerel later.

The Secret Mouse Invasion

…they want our cheese

Even Hank Aaron Struck Out Once In A While

Well sir, after 18 years of GMing sold out, packed full with extra players Toon games here at DunDraCon, I had my first dud. Well, not a dud really, but a less than usually great game.

Ten people did in fact sign up for the game, but only five showed up and one of them (a rather hyper young lad with a hovering overprotective mother) left before we started. I only had two players from past games (one of my long time players couldn’t make it due to a leg injury) and we did get a couple of drop ins, but the total was still only 8 players and no spectators.

By most peoples standards, I reckon the game was a success. but I’ve become rather spoiled by the S.R.O. crowds. Also, I blame this whole cursed thing on my having to run the game in a room on the right hand side of the hallway that the official game rooms are on. That was only the second time that has ever happened.

But today is a new day and soon, the Flea Market opens:)

Adventure Seed #4: The Green Hell

(Note: The link is the ghostly woman from the last adsventure)

A deadly plague is ravaging Europe and threatening to spread across the rest of the world! Doc Tempest and his Sensational Six, accompanied by the strange and beautiful Asheema the Ghost Woman, must race a group of deranged Nazis into the heart of the Amazon jungle in search of a cure. There, in an ancient lost city, they will encounter prehistoric terrors and man made engines of death. Will Team Tempest succeed? The fate of the world rests in the balance!

Whew! Just writing that got me all excited:)

And now, off for some bargain hunting and joyful geekery!

The Rare And Deadly Turtlesquid Of Potawango Island

…they have poison in their snot

Hello, my little woodland friends. Uncle Doc is taking a break from gathering up all the stuff he’ll be taking to DunDraCon tomorrow. Another hour or two and I’ll be all set to hit the dusty trail to Geek Central tomorrow.

I had done the next piece of the fiction bit, but this laptop had some sort of siezure and lost it, at which point I decided to post it tomorrow or the next day.

I’ll post the results of the adventure seed poll tomorrow.

Ok…enough goofing off for me…more bloggage tomorrow, most like

Shot Through The Heart With .45 Caliber Love

…by the sweetest angel

Well, we have the laptop back up and usable after Grace did a total reformatting. Still don’t have all of my old programs on it, but I’m putting them on slowly but surely.

Finished the latest (as in, months old) Dresden Files novel, “Proven Guilty“. Very good read and even more complexity is added to Harry’s life.

A very good looking Springer Spaniel won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Yay!

Time for bed now. More blogging tomorrow.

The Wonderful, Yet Mysteriously Haunting Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Pig Who Ate Cheese

…co-starring her pet skunk, George

Here, a couple of days late, we have…

Adventure Seed #3: The Terror In The Fog
(The link here is Sally Smithfield)

When a respected colleague, Professor Smithfield, calls Doc in to help investigate the completely mummified body of a scientist who was alive just that morning, it’s merely the beginning of another rip roaring adventure. What can stop the phantom woman who prowls the late night streets of San Francisco, using what appears to be a living fog to gruesomly kill men of science? Why is the FBI interested in the case, but unwilling to share any details? Before this one is over, Doc will meet his most unearthly foe yet!

I hope y’all enjoyed that. I did.

So, I’m rather pleasantly buzzed on Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s most excellent porter and I’m feeling like beginning yet another fiction experiment that I’ve been thinking of for awhile. Mind you, I’ve not been thinking of the tale, but of the telling. As in, possibly long story, told in short, stream of conciousness pieces. I hope this doesn’t suck. Also, it may or may not be only partly fiction.

Title to be determined later
by Doc Cross

So there I was, kneeling on the hard packed soil of the Mojave Desert, awaiting a decision to either kill me or let me go. I felt pretty strongly that letting me go was going to win out, but I was as prepared as I could be for the less desirable choice. When I heard the hammer on the revolver click back, my thought was “Shit, that sounded like the loudest sound in the world”. Considering the stillness of the desert night, maybe it was.

More blogging & foolishness later.