The Love Lives Of The Chowder Elves

…you may not want to eat that chowder

Fantasy World Building Poll: Part Five

It’s time to start developing the human races of our world. So far, we know that the seven human cultures most resemble: Pirates, Imperial Romans, Aztecs, Imperial Chinese, Vikings, Arthurian British, Victorian British.

Note the accent on resemble. These won’t be just transplanted cultures, there are differences…sometimes great, sometimes trivial. Maybe the racial makeup is different (Native American Vikings or a Victorian British sort of society that arose in Japan), maybe it’s just a cultural twist (no slaves in Imperial Rome or a matriarchy in any of these cultures) or maybe it’s just something about how they relate to a fantasy world (Aztecs that use their religious rituals to suppress magical abilities or Arthurian British who place wizards where they usually have knights).

You’ll be deciding all this. Now let’s start polling!

The Kosher Dill Pickle That Ate Los Angeles

…and portions of Cucamonga

Doc Update

The allergic assault upon my sinuses and other body parts has finally subsided to the Mildly Annoying level. I suspect that out recent air clearing rains helped.

My poor knee bashed left leg is still not functioning at the 100% level, so I’ll be off the treadmill for another week or so.

Other than the above, I’m in pretty good shape, healthwise.

Grace Update

Aside from her ongoing battle with the Homework Demon and dealing with nitwits at work, Grace is doing well.

Daisy & Winker Update

The girls are healthy, spoiled, alternately active/sleeping and otherwise living the good life.

Other Stuff

Now that I’m feeling better, I’ll cowboy up and get the next Fantasy World Building Poll up tonight or tomorrow. I’m thinking I might do maps of this world we are building, then post them here.

Another benefit of no longer being sick is that I can get back to writing something that will bring in some $$.

Our saving up for GenCon has reached the point where we have the room cost and about 1.5 airline tickets covered. I really must remember to go online soon and buy badges. We still have to save up for food/drink, shopping, dog boarding and house sitting (well, really mostly mail pickup and garden watering). I’m still bummed that we can’t drive to the con and take a proper vacation, but who knows, we might still win some lottery money:)

Time to go. More bloggage later.

Yeti Meat Sandwich

…with cheese

Well, children, your Old Uncle Doc is still being hammered by allergies. I got a total of about 6 hours of sleep last night…in roughly 2 hour chunks. Damn, I’ll be glad when this runs it’s course.

Yesterday’s AD&D 1st edition game went well. Since Grace had to sit the game out due to homework demons, I had the rest of Our Brave Dungeoneers searching for her character. Monsters were slain, traps disarmed, puzzles solved, deals with possessed jewelry made and finally, the young sorceress was rescued from Certain Death.

I managed, with much blowing of my nose and sneezing, to get a few things done in the garden. My Clematis now has a climbing path that will take it along the front eaves of the house. Many weeds were slain in many ways, accompanied by the maniacal laughter of Your Humble Narrator. Several neighbors stopped what they were doing when, weed whacker in hand, I shouted “Let me introduce you to my little friend!”. Watering was also done, as well as the adding of plant matter to Compost Pile ZX-421/B.

And now, I’m off to work and more allergy fun.

Robot Duck Girl Higami

…more anime that doesn’t exist

Doc Update

Once again, my weekend plans had the screws put to them by allergies. When I got home yesterday, my throat was killing me, so by 9:00 I was loaded up on Dr. Grace’s Herbs & Minerals and in bed. I slept for about 10.5 hours. Felt a bit better this morning, but decided to push the visit to my mom back to next weekend.

We did take the girls to the dog park, where they got sufficiently worn out so that they are now snoozing. I also got about 45 minutes of gardening done and will attempt more in a bit.

Gaming Thoughts

Lately, my thoughts have drifted to an interplanetary pulp game. Mostly, I’m thinking that the inner solar system has been colonized and there are a few research stations in the outer system. In true pulp style, I’m giving Mars a network of canals…Venus is a tropical jungle with very sparse temperate zones on high mountain peaks…Mercury is a deadly hot desert wasteland on one side and a frigid arctic waste on the other with a very thin temperate zone in between…and our Moon is a mix of huge cities dedicated to Science! & Progress! and small towns that have a very “independent Wild West” sort of flavor. Naturally, unearthly wildlife and native civilizations would abound.

The PC’s would be members of the Science Police, investigating all sorts of strange stuff. They would not be limited to being humans. Psychic powers would be rare, but available.

All of this would take place in an alternate 1990’s.

Will I do anything with this? Maybe…maybe not. We shall see.

And now, on to poll results

The Slime culture (hereafter known as the Gloggols) is:

Mystical (they have and use magic)
Xenophobic (they fear other cultures)
Artistic (they create beautiful sculptures, many of which serve as homes, out of pearlescent bodily excretions similar to seashell calcium)

The average Gloggol weighs about 30-50 pounds.

The Gloggols homeland is a vast expanse of lakes, wetlands, bayous, marshes and mangrove swamps/flats. The very few dry lands are covered with towering cities. The climate is generally hot & humid.

The Teddy Bear culture (hereafter known as the Broon) is:

Militaristic (mix Romans with Spartans and you’re close)
Expansionist (their empire grows larger every year)
Commercial (capitalism is rampant and unchecked…as long as the Empire gets their cut)

The average Broon weighs about 80-120 pounds, most of which is pure muscle.

The Broon Homeland is evenly divided into the Sacred Forest (half a million acres of thick primeval forest and mountains) and the environmentally ravaged Plains of Skurr (half a million acres of clear cut forests, mining operations, polluted rivers and sprawling cities). Their conquered Outlands range from sub-arctic fjordlands to rolling coastal grasslands to semitropical southern forests.

Next Poll: The Human Cultures

Screwing The Security Guard Was Worth An Extra 5%

…they all agreed that was fair

Here’s a little factoid for all of you who may bake dog treats for your pooches: If you use a bunch of high fiber grains, be prepared for extra walkies. The high fiber has not really affected Winker, but Daisy is earning a spot in the Canine Clean Colon Club.

The results for the most recent poll are interesting. If you haven’t cast your vote yet, please do. Final results will go up Friday night.

Doc’s Weekend Plans

In order to give Grace a bit of personal space (mostly so she can do taxes), I’ll be taking the girls with me when I go see my mom on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon is all about getting the garden started. Saturday night is Netflix movie time. I believe I have a couple more episodes of Deadwood coming. Not sure what Grace has lined up.

Sunday is Game Day, then Dog Park time and will finish with more gardening. One assumes that dinner will get cooked, altho we might not be doing the cooking:)

I’m off to walk these happy hounds. More blogstuff later.

Songs For Good Dogs

…and even naughty dogs

Last night I tried my hand at baking dog biscuits for the girls. I had a bunch of partial packets of various hot whole grain cereals, so I dumped ’em in a big bowl with whole wheat flour, a couple of eggs, a bit of brown sugar, some oil and beef stock. I then poured it out on a sheet pan and baked it for about 45 minutes at 325 degrees. The resulting product smelled pretty good, but still had too high of a moisture content, so I dried it in the oven for another 90 minutes. Once cooled, I fed a bit to Winker & Daisy and they gave it their tail wags of approval. I suspect I shall do more baking for hounds soon.

Fantasy World Building Poll: Part Four

Ok, so now it is time to start describing the countries and cultures of the various human and non-human races. This will end up being a rather long and multi-part poll, so we’ll do 2-3 cultures per session. But first, let’s review…

The two non-human races are: Intelligent Slimes/Oozes/Jellies and Teddy Bearlike beings.

The seven human cultures most resemble (in order of popularity): Pirates, Imperial Romans, Aztecs, Imperial Chinese, Vikings, Arthurian British, Victorian British

We’ll start off with the non-human races.

And now, I must work. More bloggage and polls later.

The Touchingly Goofy Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Little Boy Who Painted Cows

…featuring her best friend, Nervous Eddie

Doc Update

Healthwise: Allergies still plague me (and, it would seem, they plague about half the population of Sacramento), but I survive. My leg was looking like it might be infected again, but we’ve decided that it was actually a reaction to hitting the treadmill too soon after my knee bashing fall last week.

Writingwise: Between the allergies and the mind fogging allergy meds, concentrating on writing is difficult. Still, I have written an outline foe the Big Project.

Gardeningwise: It is late March and I’ve barely done anything! GAAAAHHH! I think I’ll start some been and spinach seeds tonight.

Gamingwise: Game Day this Sunday, with more dungeon thrashing for our intrepid characters. They seem to be having fun, so the dungeon will most likely last 2-3 more sessions. In other gaming news, I need to get some characters created for my Pulp game at Conquest Sac.

Computer Gamingwise: I started a new Civ III game and soon my massive investment in Science and Military stuff will allow my to crush my foes under my red sneakered heel. Bwuahahaha!

And now comes the dog walking and then the work going.

Las Dos Basset Hounds Contra Las Gatitas Diablos

…en Technicolor

Fantasy World Building Poll #3 Results

Assuming that the presence of magic in the world is cyclical, is magic on the:

Magic is on the increase

There are several smallish continents, plus a few islands

The world’s overall climate is about the same as our Earth, but wetter

There are 2 moons in the sky

So there we have it: an overall idea of the world and how it is populated. The next poll will focus on the various countries that the intelligent races live in.

And now, I’m off to work.

My Life Among The Civilized People

…with comments on politics, religion, morality and sex

G’day, my little internet pals. Uncle Doc is feeling considerably better today, but that could all unravel once I go out to tackle the landscape…which I will do after going to the store to gather up ingredients for steak etoufee. Yum Yum!

Aside from cooking and gardening, today’s list of Big Fun Events includes another visit to the dog park, some housecleaning, dog bathing and maybe some writing. For Grace, substitute bill paying for gardening and homework for writing.

I’ll post the latest poll results later on tonight.

And now, I venture forth to face the Allergy Demons.

The Horticultural Whore Gets His Ass Kicked

…by the plant world

Well, my planned day of outdoor fun was well and truly buggered. Allergies have reduced me to a sneezing runny nosed blob of blahness. We managed a short trip to the dog park and I got Herb Garden F-32/B planted, but by the time I finished, I was out for the count. Dr. Grace has me taking assorted pills and resting and if I can stay awake I might try writing. Or not.

If I feel better tomorrow, I’ll go out and attack the landscape again. If not, I’ll lay around the house feeling miserable and whining until Grace throttles me.

I fucking HATE being sick.

I No Longer Wear The Evil Bandana

…and it hates me for that

It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIIIDAY! Aside from gardening, grocery shopping and cooking, I’m not sure what the weekend holds, but I’m glad it’s almost here.

I turned in a bit of Pro Game Writing the other day (I wanted to do two bits, but in the race between Deadline and Real Life Stuff, the latter won) and it has stirred in me the desire to go into Full Tilt Writing Mode.

Full Tilt Writing Mode is where I sequester myself in a room (most likely, the Game Room) with a big mug of tea, some music, my trusty laptop (sans internet connectivity), a comfy chair and no distractions. Oh, and I need a fairly well fleshed out idea. I have one of those all ready, with a second waiting in the wings should I finish the first one with the fever still on me:)

We shall see how this goes. The initial writing project is based on ground that I have well trod in the past, so it should be a near autopilot thing. The second project is a mix of two gaming genres that are dear to my heart (and have no relationship to project one above). Hopefully, I shall be able to pull this whole thing off. Stay tuned.

And now, on to Civ III, where I am crushing the Zulu Empire like a bug.

The Halloween Party That Ate San Jose

…1983, it was

Fantasy World Building Poll-A-Thon Update

Ok, let’s recap our objective here: By using polls, we will be creating…

A fantasy world
A few countries in that world
A major city in one of those countries
A few characters who live in/near the city

Right now, we are 2 polls into creating the overall world. So far, this is how things shape up…

Magic is Low Level (as in 1st and 2nd level D&D spells) and Uncommon (maybe 1 in 1,000 people can work magic).

The intelligent races are Humans, Intelligent Slimes/Oozes/Jellies and a Teddy Bearlike race

The 7 human cultures most resemble: Pirates, Imperial Romans, Aztecs, Imperial Chinese, Vikings, Arthurian British, Victorian British

Fantasy type magical creatures are rare.

There are no undead.

Overall, this game world is Fantasy with a healthy dollop of Espionage/Intrigue.

Part Three of the poll will go up tonight.

Polygon, But Polly Be Back Someday

…octagon, too.

I can here y’all groaning about that Subject Line:)

Okay. so here’s how part two of the Fantasy World Building Poll #2 shaped up…

The two non-human races are: Intelligent Slimes/Oozes/Jellies and Teddy Bearlike beings.

The 7 human cultures most resemble (in order of popularity): Pirates, Imperial Romans, Aztecs, Imperial Chinese, Vikings, Arthurian British, Victorian British

Fantasy type magical creatures are rare.

There are no undead.

Poll #3 will go up soon.

Junkyard Rebellion

…with snacks

Weekend Update

Well, I didn’t garden as much as I’d like, but otherwise things were pretty busy. Below, the lists…

1: I saw 300, while Grace saw Night In The Museum.

2: Took the girls to a new dog park. They had fun running & playing.

3: Grace finished a bigass homework project.

4: I chopped weeds.

5: Grace cooked a damned fine spaghetti dinner.

6: I watched episodes 1&2 of Season One of Deadwood

1: Game Day! I ran another episode of the AD&D 1st edition series. They are in a “training dungeon” now and much hacking and slashing and shooting off of spells was done.

2: At the request of my aching back and arms, I went and bought a new electric weed whacker. Oh, how the weeds fear me now!

3: I whacked weeds, sometimes shouting out “Die, you green bastards, die!”. All of my neighbors went indoors during this.

4: Grace worked on yet another school project.

5: The girls had a marathon session of Extreme Basset Wrestling, then collapsed into snoozing piles of doggieness.

6: Watched Dresden Files, which is improving with each episode.

7: Grace went to bed while I played Civ III and started to put the smackdown on the Zulu nation.

300 was fun to watch, but not exactly a cinema classic. Tons of carnage and freaky Persian Empire stuff. The lady playing the Spartan Queen looked good in the nude.

As I said, I didn’t get near enough gardening done, so this week after work I’ll be filling containers and planting seeds & seedlings.

I will be writing my ass off tonight to finish a couple of items for submission to a game sourcebook. Details will follow at some point.

Results of the Fantasy World Building Poll: Part Two will go up tonight or tomorrow. If you haven’t voted yet, please do.

Time to go. More blogging soon.

The Kitty Cats Go Undercover

…to infiltrate the Canine Mob

My sweet dog, Daisy, managed to cause me to trip and fall on Wednesday night. I banged my left knee pretty hard and now it is swollen and tender as hell. Daisy was unhurt and was pretty concerned for me as I lay on the floor writhing in agony. Actually, Grace and Winker were concerned, too, with the former helping me up and doctoring me, while the latter licking my hand.

The results of Part One of the Fantasy World Creation Poll are in and here are the results…

Magic is Low Level (as in 1st and 2nd level D&D spells) and Uncommon (maybe 1 in 1,000 people can work magic).

On the question of Race, there was a tie between Only Humans and Humans and a few other Races. I compromised and there will be lots of Humans and two other Races.

As far as mixing in another genre goes, Espionage/Intrigue was the hands down winner.

And now on to Part Two

The Secret World Of The Hit Squad Moms

…baking cookies, cleaning the house, doing contract kills

Ok, so here is how the latest Poll-A-Thon works: We are going to create, in order, the basic frameworks for…

A fantasy world
A few countries in that world
A major city in one of those countries
A few characters who live in/near the city

If this all works out, well do more polls to flesh things out further. Anyway, first up, the world.

Gotta go. More blogstuff later.

The Astounding Adventures Of Doctor Tempest In The City Of Demons

…from the April, 1884 issue

We went to see “Bridge to Terabithia” today and it was a pretty good flick. Badly misrepresented in it’s ad campaign, but still worth watching. I will warn you that, unless you are a heartless wretch, you will shed a tear or two.

No dog park for the girls today, since the Mom Unit was busy all day (and all evening, up until about 20 minutes ago) with homework and the Dad Unit was busy in the garden and shopping. They did, however, get a few nice bonus walkies, so it was all good.

I’m going to take a break from pulp adventure seeds and try something a bit different, yet still poll based. Expect something in a few days.

And not, to bed for me. More action packed blogging later.

The Sweetest Dominatrix In Fair Oaks, California

…and she baked great cookies, too

Today’s trip to the dog park was fun for the girls. The one we went to was huge and not too crowded. Both of them were pretty tired out by the time we got home.

I once again took up my Holy Jihad against the Weedy Infidels that have invaded my garden in their millions. Armed with my Blessed Instruments of Horticulture, I clipped and chopped and raked and hoed and pulled and…decided that I really need to buy a new weed whacker to replace the cheapass one that crapped out 2 years ago. After a two hour rampage (which was enforced by my Sweet Angel, Grace, lest I overdoo it on this first garden foray of the year) the garden looked as tho I’d barely touched it. I shall venture forth to kick more botanical booty tomorrow.

Right now, I’m drinking Boontville Amber Ale and it’s a pretty fine ale. It is brewed over towards the coast in Booneville in the Anderson Valley. Booneville is most famous for it’s regional dialect Boontling, which first cropped up in the late 1800’s.

We were going to go to the movies today, but we decided to go tomorrow. Another dog park trip might happen, too.

And now, I go to Civ 3, where I shall expand the glory that is Greece and then kick the asses of Zululand.

Deep Fried Xenomorphs

…served with extra crispies

Well, it’s almost midnight and both the girls and myself are still up. I’m up cos I’ve spent the last 2 hours crushing France out of existence in Civ 3. The girls are up cos they’ve spent the last 3 hours sleeping. Grace? She went to bed about 9:30.

So anyway, tomorrow it looks like an early trip to the dog park, then Grace and I will go see Bridge to Terabithia. After that, it’s all about grocery shopping, gardening and cleaning up around the house. Yes, our lives are just one big whirlwind of fun:)

I’ve started back on the treadmill, but this time I’m doing my walking at 6:00 in the morning. So far, I’m up to 20 minutes at 2.5 mph on a mild incline. I’m shooting for 40 minutes by next Friday and a full hour by the wednesday after that.

My gaming plate is pretty full recently. I’ve got a spot of pro writing to do, the regular bi-weekly AD&D session, prepping things for the pulp game I’ll be running at Conquest Sac and, finally, a bit of Secret Stuff that will almost certainly put in an appearence at GenCon this summer:)

And now, it is to bed for me and lockdown in their room for the girls. More blogaliciousness later.