Tea Time With Uncle Satan

…one lump or two?

WOOHOO! Faery’s Tale, a swell RPG that I’ve had a very small hand in developing, has been nominated for an Origins Award! The link to the list is here…


Congratulations to patricks and everyone else connected with the game.

In other news, yesterday in the garden saw me transplanting 14 bush bean seedlings (of 3 varieties) and about 200 dwarf bamboo cuttings. In a day or so, I’ll transplant the zuchinni, spinach and hugeass Hawaiian gourd seedlings. Oh, yeah, and flower seedlings.

Chapter 3: In Which Our Hero Seduces The Countess And Then Eats A Hearty Breakfast

…before outfoxing Inspector Lupin

Doc’s Day

The day (after eating breakfast and drinking tea) started with a trip to the dog park with the girls. Much romping about was done by my sweet canine cuties. Afterwards, I went to buy dogfood and pig ears while Grace and the girls enjoyed the coolness of Chez Cross (it was in the high 80’s outside today).

After returning home, I spent 3 hours in the garden pruning, watering, weeding and such before the heat and hunger drove me inside. Then, after a couple of hours resting and watching tv, it was back to the garden for some compost pile craziness. Tomorrow, there will be veggie planting and weed whacking.

Once the days labor was over, I settled in to watch “Lake Placid 2”, another Sci-Fi Channel masterpiece, and drink a few Sierra Nevada Brewing Company India Pale Ales.

And now, I’m off to bed.

A Wonderfully Mad Outlook On Life

…she said as she undressed him

Our Pulp Character Thus Far

Violet LaFlamme is a 26 year old reporter for the Daily Voice. She stands 5’10” tall. Her hair is long and red. Her eyes are emerald green. Well built and leggy, Violet’s cute “girl next door” face doesn’t quite mesh with her “hello sailor” body, but you won’t hear any man complaining. Violet typically dresses in conservative skirts and blouses, which are worn under a trenchcoat when she is out working a story. You will always find some sort of green ribbon in her hair.

Next poll: We’ll figure out Violet’s personality.

A Fine Pig’s Milk Cheese

…served with fresh durian

Time To Empty Out My Head

1: Watched Heroes on Monday night and…damn! I love that show!

2: 112 days until GenCon!

3: Speaking of GenCon, I’ve got a few ideas for games I might run for my friends. First is a pretty standard CyberPulp game, full of action and adventure and an Evil Mastermind. Then there’s an Old West/Steampulp type of advernture, very much in the flavor of the Wild Wild West tv series. Finally, there’s a Fantasy take on the above mentioned Heroes. I reckon I’ll have to decide which one to run pretty soon now. After I buy plane tickets:)

4: Congratulations to my pals at Firefly Games and Green Ronin for pooling their talents to create Faery’s Tale Deluxe Edition, for sale at the above mentioned GenCon. Even more congrats to Green Ronin for landing the RPG rights to George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Fire And Ice series. Expect to see the first products in that line sometime in 2008.

5: As I’ve said, oh, about 3,000,000 times over the years, I spend 95% of my RPG time being a GM. Now, I do like GMing, but every so often I just wanna be a player. Sometimes the desire to be a player gets REALLY strong. Like recently. I need a game!

6: Slowly but surely, I’m getting various groundcovers planted in my yard to choke out the weeds by acting as a living mulch. This coming weekend, it’s time to unleash the Dwarf Bamboo!

Ack! Time for work! More blogging later.

Bonky, The Cartoon Skunk

…and his wacky pals

Well, my little cheeseburgers, here is the latest character creation poll. It is, in large part, made up of your answers to the last poll…with a few bits added.

So far, we know that Violet dresses conservatively, wears a trenchcoat and always wears a green ribbon in her hair. Now let’s figure out the rest of her looks.

Dogs Cooking Dinner, Cats Mixing Drinks, Mice Playing Jazz

…it’s an animal house

Weekend Report

Saturday was mostly all about Grace heading off to American River College to work on a class project, me doing many different things in the garden and the girls mostly sleeping or playing or going walkies. In the evening, we watched tv and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on DVD.

Sunday was Game Day and the resumption of our AD&D 1st Edition game. Due to the above mentioned class project, Grace was not able to play her mage, Hermione, so I (as GM) decided to run her. After freeing a Spirit of Water from imprisonment (and therefore gaining a wish that was used to lift a death curse from Sam’s elven thief, Sunflower), the dungeon delvers headed off to the final area of the dungeon. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the final area was a humongous cavern inhabited by an equally humongous dragon. In order to leave the dungeon, the 4 adventurers were told that they must first guard the dragon’s egg and treasure.

Deciding that it was a good idea to not piss the dragon off, the thief and mage opted to guard the egg, while the two fighters went to the other side of the cavern to guard the treasure. Then the dragon left for her “first meal in 3 years”. Almost as soon as she left, treasure/egg raiders from the dungeon and from the other caverns started arriving.

The fighters spent the final hour of game time slugging it out with treasure greedy reptile men…one of which came armed with a blunderbuss. The fighters won in the end, but it was a damned close run thing.

Next session, the ladies get to square off against a lich and his undead minions. Should be fun.

After the game, I went and bought some new walking shoes, then did some laundry.

Not a wild weekend, but not bad.

The Explosion Was Not My Fault

…I was miles away with the jusdge’s daughter

Violet LaFlamme, Crusading Reporter

Now that we know her name and have her character type/profession, let’s see what Violet looks like. I’ll choose several answers from THIS poll to create the next poll, so feel free to be as general or specific as you like.

And now, Uncle Doc is off to frolic in his garden.

Doc Tempest And The Comet Creatures

…from the December 1952 issue

El Stuffo

Spring is certainly not acting like a lady hereabouts. Low temps, high winds, lotsa clouds…all things that impede the joyful progress of my veggie garden.

I read last night that Dragon and Dungeon magazines will be shutting down. While I almost never read Dragon during it’s recent “all D20, all the time” phase, I did read it regularly back when it was more of a general gaming mag. More importantly, it was a part of the RPG hobby that was always there. It’s a bit sad to see it go.

I was going to start back up on the treadmill this week, but then realized that my walking shoes were trashed due to me wearing them to work (to say nothing of my incredibly shoe trashing foot misalignements). So, tomorrow I’ll buy new walking shoes, then restart on the treadmill on Monday.

Not that I haven’t been getting in some walking anyway. Daisy has alot of energy to burn off in the evenings, so she and I have been knocking out a mile or so every night. The pace is a compromise between her rapid “don’t know where I’m going, but I’ve gotta get there fast” pace and my “slow down, you crazy hound, yer killin’ me” pace.

Winker, on the other hand, almost never goes faster than a mosey and seldome walks more that a hundred yards from the house.

Grace’s jobquest among many state agencies continues. She had an interview the other day that went very well. I’m hoping that she finds a good place to work, with fewer goofballs to deal with than her present job.

I’m beginning to feel the first stirrings of “Trip To GenCon” fever.

My herb garden is growing by leaps and bounds. I tell ya, there is nothing like being able to clip a few fresh herbs for your cooking. Last night, it was fresh French Tarragon for our scrambled eggs. Yum Yum!

Gaming Day this Sunday after a multi week hiatus from the AD&D game. Should be fun, since the PC’s are at the halfway point in the Training Dungeon Of Doom.

Time to go. More blogging later.

The 10 Blue Budgies Start A Business

…selling cuttlefish bones

Viewer Mail

There are a few readers of this LJ of mine who are not other LJers or even signed on to LJ. One couple in particular sometimes send me emails with questions and/or comments. Their last email asked a few questions that I found interesting enought to reply to in some depth. Here is one of them.

Q: You sometimes make reference to your Wild & Misspent Youth and how you did all sorts of illegal things. Who, or What, lead you to do these things? Was it the drugs or booze or just hanging around with the wrong crowd?

A: It was me. With very few exceptions, everything I ever did that was immoral, illegal, fattening, sinful, stupid or just plain screwy was by choice. Nobody led me down the dark path. Indeed, I was more likely to bring others along on my adventures than vice versa. Most of the time, they made it back unscathed.

While booze and drugs did play a role in that portion of my life (drugs for a couple of years, booze for a couple of decades), I was almost always stone cold sober when I did the really fun stuff.

As to why I did what I did, the answers are: To see what would happen and because it seemed like fun. Sometimes what happened was not what I expected or was less than fun, but they were all interesting (sometimes in hindsight years later). When I’m old and have nothing left but memories, I’ll have some doozies.

Hmmm…I should be honest and say that some of the things I did also had a significant profit motive, too. I rather miss those days and sometimes regret spending tens of thousands of dollars on what amounts to ale and whores. Still, that’s what being young is all about.

More Blogging later. Dog walking now.

Cow Things

…no bull

Very relaxed day today. Some Civ III, some gardening, some dog wrasslin’, some wife smooching…all most pleasant.

Watched the series finale of The Dresden Files. Very good episode and I hope the show gets picked up for next season.

And now, replacing the Fantasy World Building Poll, it’s the Pulp Character Creation Poll! We’ll start from just a name and build a character from the ground up. Could be a pulp hero, a sidekick, a team member…heck, even a villain. Let the fun begin!

Squishy Yellow Eyeball Bugs

…now with extra squishiness

ConQuest Sac: The Fast Fadeaway

My con report: Got to the con last night…spent about 45 minutes wandering around…Grace declared that she had seen all of the con she cared to, so I took her home…went back to the con…sat around talking to folks or watching games…stayed until the Midnight Madness Flea market…flea market sucked ass…came home…went to the con today, arriving at 11:15…toured dealer’s room, but bought nothing…at 12, went to run my pulp game…only one dude signed up for the game…one player does not a pulp game make, so we discussed plulp games and rules for about 45 minutes…at 1:10 PM, I left and came home…end of con for me…may give it a try next year.

Chapter 27: In Which Our Hero Escapes Death, Foils An Evil Plot And Beds The Widow Addams

…a story not suitable for young people

Well, my little elfin pals, I’ve hammered out most of the characters for the CyberPulp game I’ll be running at ConQuest Sac tomorrow. I’ve also washed tons of dirty clothes and dirty dishes, walked the girls to the park, just finished a couple of way beyond delicious bowls of my Acorn Squash & Red Pepper Soup and watered my garden. And all before 2 PM! Soon, I’ll give the girls a bonus walk around the neighborhood, finish the dishes, shower and then go pick up My Sweet Little Giggling Bower Bird Of Cuteness for a nice meal and then a trip over to the con, which starts at 6:00 and is FREE tonight.

I have no idea where I’ve gotten so much energy. By all rights, I should be a bit hung over after polishing off a 40 last night.

Today’s Doc Has The Day Off soundtrack: 2 discs full of Motown’s Greatest Hits, Flood by They Might Be Giants, Aja by Steely Dan and Legend by Bob Marley.

If I’d have chosen Led Zepplin or the Ramones, I’d have most likely exploded by now.

More bloggage, in the form of con reportage, soon.

Thank You For Dancing With All Of Us Fat Girls

…she said

Doc Update

Yesterday was astoundingly busy at work. We had both a full house for lunch and many deliveries. It must have been National Eat A Ton Of Damn Pizza Day. By the time I got home, I was too tired to work on making characters for my Saturday game at ConQuest Sac.

Did I mention that it also rained like hell yesterday? Which I had to drive around in? Well, it did and I did.

Grace got her first phone call about an interview for a new job with the state. Something to do with the Agriculture Department. Not sure if she really wants it tho, as it seems to be a glorified secretarial position.

We got an invitation to my niece Molly’s wedding in June. I can’t believe my youngest niece is getting married. I’ve decided that I’ll wear a Hawaiian shirt and my kilt to the wedding. Grace may wear a tropical print sarong. Understand that, in my family, this will not cause any comment.

If any of you are at ConQuest Sac this weekend, find me and say Hi.

I’m putting the Fantasy World Building Polls on hold for a bit. Expect a new poll soon.

And now, I must walk my happy hounds before I head off to Dr. Yen’s Ultraviolet Ray Booth of Doom and then to the pizza mines.

The Horticultural Whore Can Dig It, Baby!

…dig soil, that is.

Well, after many weeks, I finally got in a good weekend in the garden. Yesterday was all about whacking weeds, transplanting, pruning and generally messing about in the soil. Today, I started starting seeds and I managed to get alot of them in pots. Tomatos, green beans, spinach, zuchinni, peppers, some huge gourd seeds that Grace and I were given in Hawaii, herbs…even a few flower seeds. I’ll start more in a few days.

Next garden project: the raised beds and hanging garden structure.

and now, dinner cookin’ time is here.

The Wildly Funny, Yet Somewhat Erotic, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Very Comfortable Panties

… costarring her pet kinkajou, Duffy

A very happy Undead Jesus Day (or Chocolate Bunny Day) to all of you.

My plans for today feature me planting seeds and seedlings in pots and then finally watching that Boris Karloff as Mr. Wong double feature DVD. Somewhere in there I’ll also knock out a tasty lunch and dinner and then eat my Dove chocolate bunny (that My Sweet Little Green Eyed Cutie Of Love bought me).

More bloggage later.

Grabbing Possums As They Fly By

…cos, ya know, them’s good eatin’

It’s 1:25 AM and I just got back from seeing Grindhouse. Excellent flick/flicks, with Planet Terror being the superior piece of film making. I loves me some Robert Rodriguez, I does. Be warned tho, that even Uncle Doc, with his notoriously high gore threshold, flinched a couple of times. So yeah, very gory, but fun as all hell.

The Tarantino piece, Death Proof, was a well made homage to the 1970’s car chase/maniac driver genre, but perhaps a bit too close a copy. The first half or so of the flick was full of talk, like those old movies usually were. Still, both the car chase and Kurt Russell were damned fun to watch.

The fake coming attraction trailers ran from “Ooh, I’d like to see that one” (“Machete” and “Werewolf Women of the SS”) to funny (“Don’t) to mildly amusing (“Thanksgiving”).

As for the real trailers, the ones for “Pirates of the Carribean 3”, “Next” and the new “Die Hard” entry all looked good. The trailers for Rob Zombie’s remake of “Halloween” and “Hostel 2”, however, got nothing but the big yawn from me. Today’s modern “torture people and call it a horror film” genre does nada for me and I have no desire to see Rob Zombie fuck up a remake of what still is a damned creey and scary movie.

Anyway, if you have a strong stomach (and bladder, cos the flick runs 3+ hours), go see Grindhouse.

And now, I’m off to hit the sack.

Riding Through The City Of The Sorrows


Ok, so here are the poll results from the latest poll. You know, the one that only TWO PEOPLE filled out (not counting my answers). Anyway, better late than never. New poll will go up tomorrow.

In what 3 ways do the human cultures differ from their real world archetypes?

Pirates: Amazonian, they use sentient airships, no gunpowder

Imperial Romans: Disdain magic as a solution to anything, no slaves, universal education (strongly enforced)

Aztecs: Werecreatures are sacred (some jaguar knights are jaguar knights), albino race, located in the far north

Imperial Chinese: The Imperial Family is long dead (but bureaucracy runs as if they were still living), avowed vegetarians, atheists

Vikings: Tropical natives similar to Hawaiians, rigid caste system, very long lived

Arthurian British: Only women can be knights, only men can use magic, universal equality otherwise

Victorian British: Steampunky, addicted to secret and magical societies, more openly sexual


Sex Lesson #3: If You Have To Ask, Then She Didn’t

…assuming, of course, that you care

Not much of note happening here at the G&R Cross Home For Spoiled Basset Hounds. I’m still woefully behind on my gardening, altho I did buy a beautiful new variety of Sedum that is a bright chartreuse color. With luck, it will be as fast spreading and care free as the other Sedums.

Grace is on the list to take an exam that will move her up a pay grade on the State of California’s list of such things. It will also open the door for her to move to some other job in some other department. Plus, you know, there’ll be more money coming in.

I’m gonna go see Grindhouse this weekend, probably on Easter Sunday (or, as we sometimes refer to it here, “Undead Jesus Day”). In other movie news, my Netflix list has been redone to include scads of old movies I’ve either never seen (Boris Karloff’s “Mr. Wong” series, “The Brainiac”, several monster movies) or haven’t seen in ages. Unfortunately, Netflix seems to be sadly lacking in Masked Mexican Wrestler movies, but I’m hoping this will be attended to soon.

And now I must walk the girls before heading off to work. More blogstuff, plus poll results, tonight.

Mucking About With The Spacetime Continuum

…at least, until it mucks back

Doc’s Saturday

I took the girls with me to visit my mom. They got along very well with her toy poodle, Charlie. I visited with Mom and my eldest nephew, Zach (who is 25) for awhile and then Mom took me out to the garden where she proceeded to give me about 25 zillion plants, bulbs and cuttings to take home.

After returning from Mom’s, I took My Sweet Angel Grace out to lunch and a bit of shopping. The rest of the day was spent: Managing the finances (Grace), putting 25 zillion plants into pots & flats (Me), Sleeping (The Girls).

Today (in about 15 minutes) there will be dog park fun, a trip to see “Meet The Robinsons” and more shopping.

Poll Stuff

HEY! Y’all need to fill out the latest Fantasy World Building Poll! So far, response has been pretty weak. And unclelumpy, the poll asks for three differences, not names for the cultures. You were a poll or two too early.

Now, it’s Dog Park Time!