Dogs Cooking Dinner, Cats Mixing Drinks, Mice Playing Jazz

…it’s an animal house

Weekend Report

Saturday was mostly all about Grace heading off to American River College to work on a class project, me doing many different things in the garden and the girls mostly sleeping or playing or going walkies. In the evening, we watched tv and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on DVD.

Sunday was Game Day and the resumption of our AD&D 1st Edition game. Due to the above mentioned class project, Grace was not able to play her mage, Hermione, so I (as GM) decided to run her. After freeing a Spirit of Water from imprisonment (and therefore gaining a wish that was used to lift a death curse from Sam’s elven thief, Sunflower), the dungeon delvers headed off to the final area of the dungeon. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the final area was a humongous cavern inhabited by an equally humongous dragon. In order to leave the dungeon, the 4 adventurers were told that they must first guard the dragon’s egg and treasure.

Deciding that it was a good idea to not piss the dragon off, the thief and mage opted to guard the egg, while the two fighters went to the other side of the cavern to guard the treasure. Then the dragon left for her “first meal in 3 years”. Almost as soon as she left, treasure/egg raiders from the dungeon and from the other caverns started arriving.

The fighters spent the final hour of game time slugging it out with treasure greedy reptile men…one of which came armed with a blunderbuss. The fighters won in the end, but it was a damned close run thing.

Next session, the ladies get to square off against a lich and his undead minions. Should be fun.

After the game, I went and bought some new walking shoes, then did some laundry.

Not a wild weekend, but not bad.