A Wonderfully Mad Outlook On Life

…she said as she undressed him

Our Pulp Character Thus Far

Violet LaFlamme is a 26 year old reporter for the Daily Voice. She stands 5’10” tall. Her hair is long and red. Her eyes are emerald green. Well built and leggy, Violet’s cute “girl next door” face doesn’t quite mesh with her “hello sailor” body, but you won’t hear any man complaining. Violet typically dresses in conservative skirts and blouses, which are worn under a trenchcoat when she is out working a story. You will always find some sort of green ribbon in her hair.

Next poll: We’ll figure out Violet’s personality.


5 comments on “A Wonderfully Mad Outlook On Life

  1. I want Violet to have a sense of humour. The rest is negotiable. :-)

  2. unclelumpy says:

    A redhead named LaFlamme?

  3. aota says:

    Yes! The ribbon made the cut.

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