Chapter 3: In Which Our Hero Seduces The Countess And Then Eats A Hearty Breakfast

…before outfoxing Inspector Lupin

Doc’s Day

The day (after eating breakfast and drinking tea) started with a trip to the dog park with the girls. Much romping about was done by my sweet canine cuties. Afterwards, I went to buy dogfood and pig ears while Grace and the girls enjoyed the coolness of Chez Cross (it was in the high 80’s outside today).

After returning home, I spent 3 hours in the garden pruning, watering, weeding and such before the heat and hunger drove me inside. Then, after a couple of hours resting and watching tv, it was back to the garden for some compost pile craziness. Tomorrow, there will be veggie planting and weed whacking.

Once the days labor was over, I settled in to watch “Lake Placid 2”, another Sci-Fi Channel masterpiece, and drink a few Sierra Nevada Brewing Company India Pale Ales.

And now, I’m off to bed.