The Rat Brothers Paint A House

…with tiny little rat sized brushes

Poll Results

Altho voting was spread out all over the place, OTE Style High Weirdness won with 4 votes. Now, that doesn’t mean I’ll be running an OTE game, but it does help me focus my thoughts.

As for the Pulp Character Poll, the winner was Ace Pilot and we’ll just make him a guy and name him Captain Allen “Hawk” Hawkins. Tonight, I’ll put up a poll so we can start fleshing him out a bit.

And now it’s all about the dog walking and the going to work.

FooFoo, The Happy Marmot

…and his drunken little woodland pals

Poll Results

Wow…voting was all over the place on this one, but the winner is Ace Pilot. We’ll start working on him/her tomorrow.

Now, let’s do another poll and help Uncle Doc figure out what game/games he wants to run at GenCon.

And now I’m off to walk the happy hounds.

Frozen Vultures

…not on a stick

GenCon News

Due to tight money and fall classes starting early, Grace has decided to skip GenCon this year. It sucks, but she really does need the extra time and money to get ready for classes. So…

…I’ll be at GenCon alone AND I could use a roommate. If you are going and you can come up with half of the cost of the hotel room, send me an email. Smokers and stinky gamers need not apply. Nubile young babes can apply, but ya won’t be able to seduce me into letting you stay for free:)

The Horticultural Whore Goes To War

…on weeds, mostly

What I did on my Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend

1: Dried some herbs (tarragon, basil, mint & sage) from the garden by putting them in paper bags and leaving them inside the hot car for 2 days.

2: Took Daisy to the park for a long walk

3: Transplanted tomatos, gourds, chiles, squash and bunches of marigolds and dianthus (aka cottage pinks)

4: Dug up a beloved old lavendar bush that was dying from root rot

5: Went shopping for garden supplies (bark mulch, steer manure and some cute little pork & beans sedum.

6: Took My Sweet Angel Grace to see Shrek the Third. It was funny and fun, but I’m thinking the franchise needs a rest.

7: Laid waste to scores of my weedy enemies and then laughed at the lamentations of their women and children.

8: Finally chopped off the droopy tops of my daffodils

9: Wrassled with the girls…played ball with the girls…gave belly rubs to the girls…gave tasty treats to the girls

10: Added even more material to Compost Pile X-47 Gamma

And today, I must work for a few hours.

More bloggage later.

3:15 In The Morning And The City Was Fogged In

…as San Francisco often is

So, I guess today was the 30th anniversary of the premiere of Star Wars. No doubt geeks everywhere paused for a moment of reverential silence:)

What gave me pause today was remembering that this summer is the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Now, I was only 13 back then and I didn’t participate in the festivities in a full blown manner, but I did manage to get down to The City about five times between late April and mid August, 1967. Generally, travelling the 150+ miles required not a little subterfuge where my parents were concerned. Most of the time the excursions were only for a few hours, but in July several of us spent two days in Hippie Central (thanks to my good friends aunt hosting an “Extra Special Birthday” for him).

No, I never did any drugs during that time and tho I did get a bit of the ever popular free love, my virtue remained technically intact:) The big thrill of going to San Francisco was the utter difference of life on the Haight as opposed to the rest of the world in general and rural Northern California in particular. Of course, as time went by, even a simple country lad such as myself could see that the whole thing was going down the tubes.

But man, what a wild trip it was while it lasted.

Chasing An Alligator Up A Tree

…a peach tree

Quick Stuff

1: Was gonna go to KublahCon this weekend, but since our GenCon fund is still a few hundred bucks short, I’ll have to stay home.

2: Even as you read this, Alton Brown is wrapping up taping of a second 6 episodes of Feasting On Asphalt for an August 4 debut on Food Network.

3: Related to the above, Good Eats has won a Peabody Award.

4: Soon I shall have to choose which adventure I’ll run for my gaming pals at GenCon. I am stressing a bit on this. Should I set up a poll and let you, the Gentle Reader, decide?

5: I re-watched the Heroes season finale and while I can understand how some folks think that the final battle with Sylar was too quickly done, I think I rather like the fact that they avoided a bigass comic book slugfest.

6: I shall be taking My Sweet Little Ninja Gecko Of Happiness to see Shrek 3 this weekend. My baby, she loves her some Shrek movies.

and now, I’m off to walk the hounds and then go to work.