Chasing An Alligator Up A Tree

…a peach tree

Quick Stuff

1: Was gonna go to KublahCon this weekend, but since our GenCon fund is still a few hundred bucks short, I’ll have to stay home.

2: Even as you read this, Alton Brown is wrapping up taping of a second 6 episodes of Feasting On Asphalt for an August 4 debut on Food Network.

3: Related to the above, Good Eats has won a Peabody Award.

4: Soon I shall have to choose which adventure I’ll run for my gaming pals at GenCon. I am stressing a bit on this. Should I set up a poll and let you, the Gentle Reader, decide?

5: I re-watched the Heroes season finale and while I can understand how some folks think that the final battle with Sylar was too quickly done, I think I rather like the fact that they avoided a bigass comic book slugfest.

6: I shall be taking My Sweet Little Ninja Gecko Of Happiness to see Shrek 3 this weekend. My baby, she loves her some Shrek movies.

and now, I’m off to walk the hounds and then go to work.


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