Frozen Vultures

…not on a stick

GenCon News

Due to tight money and fall classes starting early, Grace has decided to skip GenCon this year. It sucks, but she really does need the extra time and money to get ready for classes. So…

…I’ll be at GenCon alone AND I could use a roommate. If you are going and you can come up with half of the cost of the hotel room, send me an email. Smokers and stinky gamers need not apply. Nubile young babes can apply, but ya won’t be able to seduce me into letting you stay for free:)

4 comments on “Frozen Vultures

  1. doc_mystery says:

    Sorry to hear about your now more complicated (and expensive) solo GenCon sojourn.

  2. unclelumpy says:

    I make a habit of bathing daily and only smoke cigars when I’m either alone or in the company of other smokers.

  3. mrteapot says:

    I’m not going to Gencon (cost of a hotel is too high), but Daniel Solis is and is looking for a roommate.

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