FooFoo, The Happy Marmot

…and his drunken little woodland pals

Poll Results

Wow…voting was all over the place on this one, but the winner is Ace Pilot. We’ll start working on him/her tomorrow.

Now, let’s do another poll and help Uncle Doc figure out what game/games he wants to run at GenCon.

And now I’m off to walk the happy hounds.


6 comments on “FooFoo, The Happy Marmot

  1. now wait just a minute . . .
    While I am all for democracy, what if the players (and I expect to be one) don’t like what the masses have ordained? What if we are forced to play an OTE High Weirdness game and we aren’t weird (enough)?

    • jbru says:

      Re: now wait just a minute . . .
      If you cannot provide weirdness of your own, weirdness will be provided for you. Any weirdness you use is yours to keep following the conclusion of the game and, in fact, may not be removed without extensive cranial surgery. Weirdness may cause itching or redness, contact your physician if weirdness is not accepted fully within 48 hours. Side effects include expanded cosmic vision, multi-dimensional thinking, visual hallucinations, paranoia, agraphobia, bleeding from the ears and dry mouth. If you should experience any of these side effects, stop application of weirdness immediately, go to a cool, dark room and contact your next of kin. Do not apply weirdness to mucus membranes. Women who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant should know that weirdness will transfer to your fetus through the placental barrier due to specific tunnelling nanocytes. We hope you enjoy your weirdness and appreciate your feedback.

      • avylou says:

        Re: now wait just a minute . . .
        jbru is right… you and your pc don’t have to be weird to play in a weird OTE game. Innocents are always great fun! No, that isn’t maniac laughter you hear…

    • Doc Cross says:

      Re: now wait just a minute . . .
      Well, of course, the final decision is mine and I may well think up something entirely new between now and the con. This poll is mostly here to help me focus in on 2 or 3 concepts.
      As for y’all not being wierd enough….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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