The Dangerous Arrangement With The Man From Paris

…fortunately, it ended well

Just finished watching the season finale of Heroes and all I can say is…wow! A very satisfying ending, with a few comic book style loose ends left dangling, but nothing major. And that introduction to next season…Hot Damn! I can hardly wait for fall to arrive.

Fairly tired tonight, so I’ll write more tomorrow, including a new Pulp Chracter Creation Poll

All The Best Dogs Have Chinese Eyes

…both a Winker reference and a Pete Townsend reference

Mini Review: Spider-Man 3

Too many villains…too long…good story, but knowing that Sony forced Sam Raimi to include the whole Venom storyline makes me want to see the movie that should have been…some very funny bits with J. Jonah Jamison…Flint Marko/Sandman was very well done…the Gwen Stacy stuff was pretty pointless…good flick, but not as good as Spidey 2…they should take 3-4 years off from the series.

Oh, and about my subject line…Miss Winker at the dog park.

Goat Meat Taco

…mmmm, cabritos

More Thoughts On Roleplaying

Over on RPGNet, there is a post about what RPG’s will be popular 20 years from now. As expected, D&D/CoC/Hero/WoD/Gurps top the lists, and I can see the logic of folks thinking that way. Personally, I think face to face tabletop RPGing will be an even tinier niche hobby in 2027.

What surprised me about the RPGNet thread was how few people think that computer RPGs will still not have become able to match the interactivity and sociality of today’s RPGs. Everyone was saying “no way”. Are they on drugs? In the next 20 years, there will be advances in AI, graphics, interfacing, game design and general gameplay that we can’t even guess at now. I’m thinking that by 2027 (when I’ll be in my early 70’s), you’ll be able to put on some sort of VR outfit and jack into a gameworld that is either totally open ended or heavily modified by your GM. Open endedness IS the way of future CRPG’s, make no mistake about it. So is easy modification by users. Both are already very prevelant in games like the Elder Scrolls series and games like Half Life and Grand Theft Auto.

Personally, I can hardly wait to put on my Ultra High Def/Total Surround Sound/Motion Sensitive/Rumble Pack outfit and kick some CRPG ass.

Thunderboy And The Agents Of Madness

…time for a little boom boom


1: Jerry Falwell died. Good! I’m sorry the motherfucker didn’t suffer more. If he had never done anything worse than help get that fucking scumbag Reagan elected, he would still be deserved of a trip to Hell.

2: Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are teaming up to do three Tintin movies using motion capture CGI similar to what was used to create Gollum in LOTR. I am so there to see these flicks.

3: Ok, so despite a pitiful turnout in the poll by y’all, here is the final chapter on…

Violet LaFlamme, Crusading Reporter

Violet LaFlamme is a 26 year old reporter for the Daily Voice. She stands 5’10” tall. Her hair is long and red. Her eyes are emerald green. Well built and leggy, Violet’s cute “girl next door” face doesn’t quite mesh with her “hello sailor” body, but you won’t hear any man complaining. Violet typically dresses in conservative skirts and blouses, which are worn under a trenchcoat when she is out working a story. You will always find some sort of green ribbon in her hair.

Appearence and Personality: Violet is very dedicated to both her work and helping the less fortunate. She’s also a tough cookie and a bit of a tomboy. She has a goofy, sometimes dark sense of humor and, when provoked, a wicked sharp tongue. Violet is also very smart, altho, as with her looks, she is rather unaware of it. She is normally an exceptionally healthy person. Violet has been known to let both her curiosity and her stubborness get her in trouble.

Although she dresses well, Violet is a bit of a slob in most other respects. Her apartment will never win any Good Housekeeping awards. She hates to cook. An avid animal lover, she shares her home with two dogs (Boris & Bela), two cats (Bette & Joan), a Scarlet Macaw (Charlie), and a pair of turtles (Holmes & Watson).

When she’s not working, Violet can often be found out at various nightspots, ranging from reporter hangout bars (The Byline Saloon) to high class nightspots (The Cobalt Club) to Broadway shows. She has no shortage of male friends to escort her.

Family & Friends/Contacts: Violet comes from a big family. Both her parents are living, as are her 3 sisters and 4 brothers. All of her grandparents are still with us and she has lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Violet has some very good friends and trusted contacts who help her in her role as a crusading reporter. Number one among them is City Councilman Bill Wynoski, who keeps her informed about the goings on ay city hall. If anything smells of corruption, he gets word to Violet.

Among Vi’s other friends are several cops (ranging from beat cops to detectives), a couple of other reporters (including a well known celebrity gossip columnist), a state senator or two, the masked vigilante known as The Spectre, world trotting do gooder Captain Hercules, quite a number of people in the transportation/shipping industry and a network of hobos, bums and other street people that Violet calls “The West Side Irregulars”.

Enemies: As you might expect, Violet has made a few enemies, too. At the very top of this list is Frank “The Fisherman” Capelli, former boss of all the cities crime families and now a resident of death row. The only reason his attempts to kill Violet have failed is that they keep running afoul of…

…Mr. Shen, the leader of the Chinese “businessmen’s association”. He wants to be the one to kill Violet…if he can ever stop looking over his shoulder for The Spectre.

A number of politicians on the state level have no love for Vi, including the Lt. Governor and the State Highways Comissioner.

As you might expect, several of her fellow reporters are jealous of Violet’s success.

Finally, she has made a few enemies among the legal and medical professions for exposing some of their illicit activities.

Skills: Investigation, Research, Fast Talk, Interrogation, Pro Writer, Photography, Spot Hidden, Fashion Sense, Auto Mechanic, Irish Literature, Running, Hiding, Climbing, Pistol Shooting, Seduction, Streetwise, Animal Empathy, Swimming

The Startling Adventures Of Doctor Tempest And The Army Of The Dead

…from the June, 1897 issue

Some Thoughts On Roleplaying Games

As I was looking over my collection of computer games, it dawned on me that in most games, it is the sandbox mode that I play most frequently. Oh sure, the pre-made scenarios are fun and the main adventures in CRPG’s like “The Elder Scrolls” are cool, but just exploring a world is often way more fun.

So, armed with that thought, I got to thinking about a totally sandbox type face to face RPG. One in which both the players and the GM start out with a blank (or nearly so) map and fill in the details as they go along. And I mean ALL the details…from what the geography of a given area is to the local ecology to politics to how magic or technology works to…well, damned near everything.

Of course, the game would come with a truckload of useful tools/charts/ideas/etc, but they wouldn’t be overly specific about anything. Defining the world would be up to the players. Naturally, you’d want a rules system that was extremely flexible and you might even want to go with a GMless system.

So, My Gentle Readers, any thoughts on this?

One Sad Kinkajou

…I don’t know why he’s sad

Weekend Update

Well, I didn’t go see Spider-man 3 like I’d hoped. Saturday was Summer Curryfest 2007, with our friend Sharon visiting us for the first time since she moved up to northern Washington back in August. Throw in a bit of gardening (during which I seem to have pulled the hell out of a muscle on my lower left abdominal area) into the mix and Saturday was a goner.

Today was gardening, shopping, taking Princess Daisy on a very long walk (about 2.5 miles), more gardening and some other chores. Result: too tired for the movies. We’ll shoot for Tuesday night.

I called my mom today and wished her a happy Mothers Day. She had just gotten a visit and gifts from my niece, Molly, and was awaiting my brother and his wife for a lunch date.

Mom had a doctor visit on Friday and, aside from a bit of arthritis (which she has had for at least the last 30 years) and a touch of high blood pressure, she’s in great shape for a woman a couple of weeks shy of turning 79 years old.

I bought Grace a cd and promised her a nice dinner out once the dreaded Final Exam Monster has gone away (next week).

And now, I’m off to play a bit of Civ III and thence to bed.