The Very Humorous Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Baboon Who Juggled Eggs

…co-starring her Uncle Squeamy, who drinks too much

Of late, my posts here have been less than great. I shall try to change that.

Saturday Plans

So, anyway, it’s after 10:00 am on a Saturday and I’m still lazing about. Grace is on a food shopping expedition, the girls are sleeping after a prolonged wrasslin’ match and soon the whole family will be off to the dog park. Later on, I shall charge off recklessly into the garden in order to wage war on my hated enemies, the weeds. Once I have spent a few hours indulging my horticultural obsessions, it will be time for watching pre-recorded Discovery Channel/Animal Planet shows on tv.

Gaming: The Great Schedule Juggle

Our gaming group will be going on hiatus for the month of August and part of September. When we reconvene, I think I’ll be cutting us down from twice a month sessions to once a month. This is purely selfish, as it will free up a Sunday for me to be a player with my other gaming group (which includes both the lovely and talented and the slightly less lovely, but just as talented ), while still allowing two sundays a month for Grace and I to do stuff. Truth to tell, I’m starting to feel the first signs of GM burnout, so I needs me some player time.

Well, it appears to be dog park time, since 3 females are casting their 5 impatient eyes upon me with that “Well?” look. More bloggage later.

My Years In The Giant Mecha Army

…including the dinosaur wars

Robot RPG, Part 2

So, the adult version of the Robot RPG would (without going into my ideas about a background) deal with more mature issues, such as having a human intelligence in a robotic body or what being virtually immortal would mean or what it might be like to be a second class citizen or what it would be like to be a slave.

Ruleswise, I’d still go with a something simple, but it would be a couple of steps up from the Faery’s Tale rules. Building the robotic bodies would be handled by having each PC start off with XX amount of cash and buy the parts they wanted.

So, any comments or questions?

Crispy Pork Chop Hat

…dogs will love you, pigs will hate you

Thoughts On A Robot RPG

My overall idea is to create two versions of a game about being a robot.

The Kids version is about being a happy little robot who has to (along with a group of robot friends) do something like explore an area, deliver supplies, help other robots, etc. Basically, it would be kinda like Faery’s Tale with robots replacing fairys. Building the robots would involve choosing various body configurations and programmed special abilities. There would be bad robots, of course, as well as other types of robotic creatures. The setting could include humans and animals, or could be set in a “RobotWorld”.

Any comments?

Next post, I’ll discuss the Adult version of the game.

Sally Smithfield Builds A Warp Drive

…out of common household items

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to avylou! Here’s looking at you, kid.

Weekend Report

Saturday evening, at 7:00, my niece Molly got married. Grace and I attended what turned out to be a very nice and mercifully quick ceremony. The reception afterward was fun and I got pretty hammered on my favorite kind of beer, the FREE kind:) My Sweet Little Musasaurus of Love Drove the 65 miles home with no problems (other than my propensity to turn into a motormouth when intoxicated) and after walking the girls, we went to bed.

Sunday was Game Day and I ran another session of the AD&D series. The session started out with a shipwreck and long swim to shore, then turned into an alternately stealthy and panicked week long trip through the Land Of The Trolls. Most of the shipwreck survivors lived to finish the trip to a fort on the edge of the country they originally set out for. The PC’s can now go about their original exploring mission.

On the subject of the AD&D game, we’ll be playing a couple of times in July, then take all of August off, resuming the series in September. In early October, the series will go on hiatus when we start up a new series based on setting the concept of the Heroes tv show in a low magic fantasy world.

And now, time for tea, then dog walkies. More blogging later.

The Flying Skunkpigs Attack Again

…and this time, it’s personal

Oh, look, the “High School” meme! (ganked from )

1. Who was your best friend?

2.What sports did you play?

3. What kind of car did you drive?
Most of the time, my 1957 Chevy pickup, but sometimes I could borrow my mom’s 1965 Chevy Impala

4. It’s Friday night, where were you?
Going to the drive in with a date, then hitting the cruise

5. Were you a party animal?
Yeah, if there was a party

6. Were you considered a flirt?
Oh, you betcha. Still am.

7. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?

8. Were you a nerd?
No. I was sometimes a class clown tho.

9. Did you get suspended/expelled?
I got suspended once for telling a teacher that he was obviously an idiot.

10. Can you sing the fight song?
I couldn’t sing it then, let alone now.

11. Who was your favorite teacher?
Hmm…Mrs. Cotrell, our drama teacher

13. School mascot?
An Indian (Native American). Very non PC, I know.

14. Did you go to Prom?

15. If you could go back and do it over, would you?
NO! Being a teenager sucks. Being in high school pours salt in the wound. I would, however, take that 18 year old body of mine.

16. What do you remember most about graduation?
Sharing a bottle of Johnny Walker AND a bottle of rum that we passed along from student to student as the interminable speeches went on.

17. Where were you on senior skip day?
Helping get things set up for our humongous unofficial graduation party.

18. Did you have a job your senior year?

19. Where did you go most often for lunch?
7-11 or the cafeteria

20. Have you gained weight since then?

21. What did you do after graduation?
Partied, spent 6 weeks in Virginia visiting a friend, indulged in sin and debauchery, joined the Navy in October of that year.

22. When did you graduate?

23. Who was your Senior prom date?

24. Are you going to your 10 year reunion?
That was in 1982 and no, I did not go. Nor did I go to the 20th. The 35th is this year and I’ll pass on it, too.

25. Who was your home room teacher?
We didn’t have home room

The Queen Of The Redwood Jungle

…and the Lost Coast

June Birthdays

Amongst my gamer friends, June seems to be the popular month for birthdays. So, while most are already past and at least one has yet to happen, just let me say…


In other news, life at Chez Cross goes on as usual. Grace, The Girls and myself are all healthy. My dermatologist wants to shoot me with a laser, and since it’s free, I told him to go ahead. The lasering will happen next Tuesday at 4:00 PM.

My garden continues growing at a brisk pace, with the first almost ripe blackberries appearing on my thornless blackberry vines. Ripe strawberries are a daily treat, too. No beans yet, but the zuchinni is cranking out about one ripe squash every 2 days. My tomatoes look as though they are set on world domination, but are still several weeks away from bearing fruit. On the flower front, there are too many to mention, but I plan on taking some pictures soon. I’ll share them on here.

Speaking of pictures…

They were watching me make a sandwich.

The Kitty Cats Go Surfing

…at least, until they got wet

Gaming Stuff

1: I just love making maps with Campaign Cartographer. I’ve made tons of maps I’ll never use, just for the hell of it. However, on Friday night, I started a new map that I plan on using for a fantasy superhero game that I’m going to start up this fall. The map covers an area of 250 X 200 miles and makes up one kingdom. Every bit of the game will take place on this one map. This is something new for me, since my fantasy games usually involve a bunch of long distance travelling. I’ll post more details as they arise.

2: I’ve decided on my “room games” for GenCon. The Toon game will be “Kill The Wabbits”, in which two or three of the characters are Wabbits and the rest of the characters are out to kill them…for a humongous reward. This will, of course, insure that the killing is not limited solely to the Wabbits:) The other game will be“Agents & Empires”, a steampulp epic that features the characters playing agents working for either the United States of America, the British Empire, the Bear Flag Empire of California, the Republic of Texas, the Prussian Empire or Free Canada. Heck, I might even sneak in a French agent or two:) The plot will involve…well, stuff that won’t be revealed until we play:)

3: I’m getting notes together for a project involving robots. The twist here is that while only one set of rules will be written, I plan on writing backgrounds for both a kid friendly and a masture audience version. More on this soon.

And now, I must set loose the hounds before going to work.