The Horticultural Whore Attempts Suicide By Garden

…but the garden will not let him die

No shit, brothers & sisters, I worked myself into near total exhaustion both Saturday and Sunday. I did all manner of gardening stuff most of each day. The 95+ degree heat didn’t make things any easier. Still, the garden is looking somewhat neater and Compost Pile Y43 Delta has grown by several cubic feet.

And now, I must work, but I promise more bloggage very soon.

Something Is Waiting In The Fairy Tale House

…for you

Oy, the last few days have sucked. First off, work has been slow and boring and not very lucrative. Secondly, some heretofore unexperienced allergen has been making me feel terrible, both physically and emotionally. Bleah!

Assorted Geeky Stuff

1: Karen Allen will be reprising the role of Marion Ravenwood in the new Indiana Jones movie! This is way cool.

2: From a couple of pix I’ve seen and a report from a source at Comic Con, the Iron Man movie will be right up there on a par with X Men, Spider-Man and Batman Begins. I can’t wait to see it.

3: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy both playing Spock in the new Star Trek movie? Sounds good to me. Now they should cast Ben Affleck as Kirk.

4: Johnny Depp is apparently going to produce and star in a new movie version of Dark Shadows, the old 1960’s supernatural soap opera. I reckon if anyone can pull off a feature fim version of such a mind fuckingly strange bit of television, it would be Depp.

5: As of this writing, there are just over 19.5 days until GenCon! WooHoo!

Time for work. More blogging later.

Doc Tempest And The Unkillable Beast

…from the June 1949 issue

NOT a Meme! Or maybe it is:)

Just to spread one last bit of Pottermania, I ask you all a question…

What would your Patronus take the form of?

Mine, I have no doubt, would be a coyote. Barring that, a fox.

Grace thinks her’s would be a horse, but I think it would be a dolphin.

Feel free to ask this question on your own blogs.

Mrs. Wangdoodle: Jedi Master

…use the Force, dear, then we’ll have tea

Gaming Stuff

1: I’ll return to my discussion of the Big Dociverse Overhaul soon. No doubt you are quivering with anticipation.

2: Yesterday was the last Game Day here at Casa Cross until mid-September. Since two of our group (Paul, who was sick, and Grace, who was suffering from achey hip joints) were not present, the three of us (Sam, Arn & I) played Settlers of Catan. I won, but just barely.

3: When we resume playing in September, I’ll be running a fantasy series that is partly inspired by the Heroes tv show. The PC’s will wake up from a deep sleep knowing only three things: Their own name…the name of another person whom they instinctively know the must find…and the fact that they possess strange powers that nobody else has. More than that I cannot reveal, since at least two of my players read this blog.

4: Also in September, I hope to get into some good ol’ fashion zombie killin’ with the Cannibal Pygmy gaming group.

5: In a few weeks, it’ll be GenCon time. I’m already plotting out what I’ll be doing over the course of the con. HEY, UNCLELUMPY! YOU STILL WANT TO SHARE MY ROOM OR WHAT?

Time to get dressed for work and walk The Girls. More exciting blog action later.

The Dreamtime Will Not Be Televised

…but they might do a theatrical version.

Thank you, Ms Rowling

Finished the last Potter book almost exactly 24 hours after I started it. A very fine and satisfying read and a proper close to the saga. A bit of drag in a couple of places, but not nearly enough to damage the story. Some big surprises, a few expected scenes, a damned healthy dose of action (and you’ll have no doubt which scenes will for sure make it to the movie), some sadness, some happiness and even some laugh out loud humor. I had about a 50/50 score in the dead pool, picking correctly some of who lives and who dies.

I got all teary a couple of times and lump in the throaty a couple more.

Like I said, a very fine book and I applaude Ms. Rowling for not just a finale, but an entire series well done.

The Kitty Cats Get Into Big Trouble

…and they had to escape in a catamaran

Doc’s Weekend Plan

1: Finish breakfast
2: Join Grace in taking The Girls to the dog park
3: On the way home, stop by PetCo for dog food and pig ears
4: Stop to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
5: Commence reading said potter book
6: Take breaks to eat & drink, water garden, use bathroom, walk dogs
7: Take break from reading for Sunday Game Day
8: Go to work on Monday.

I’ll be off line until the reading is done. See y’all here whenever.

Lightly Pounded Snakes

…just enough to teach them respect

The Dociverse: 21st Century Update, Part Three: A Tale of Two Harrys

This is where I point out that while the Potterverse brings a great many attractive things to my world creating table, it is still not without it’s flaws. First off, the whole Faery Realm is barely touched on. Demons? Hardly a word. Really ass kicking bad guys other than Voldemort? Few. The whole ignorance about how the Muggle world works thing? Pretty hard to swallow.

Fortunately, there is another wizarding world in print that, properly mixed with the Potterverse, gives me just about exactly what I’m looking for in a modern day magical realm. And it has a Harry, too.

Of course, I speak of the Dresden Files series. It is, in some ways, kind of like a Harry Potter Grows Up series, but with a much harder edge and a more fully realized (and yes, fully Americanized) world. In Dresden’s wizarding world, Voldemort would be about 2 steps up from a street punk and if the White Council didn’t catch him, you can bet someone from the Black Council/Faery Realm/Vampire Courts would soon make him their bitch. And speaking of the White Council, if they catch a wizard screwing up, they don’t send him to no steenking Azkaban prison…nope, they cut his fuckin’ head off!

So anyway, the wizarding/magical/monster aspect of the new improved Dociverse is damned near equal parts Potter and Dresden. Next post, I’ll tell you how that shakes out.