The California Kid And Spider Go On A Road Trip

…in disguise

The Dociverse: 21st Century Update, Part Two

Another thing that inspired me to update the Dociverse was the release of the Sixguns & Sorcery supplement for Castle Falkenstein. Admittedly, much of it’s attraction has to do with a Native Californians belief that the world would be a better place if the Bear Flag Empire of California did exist, but the whole idea of North America being divided into several countries also has a big roleplaying attraction.

So, in the new improved Dociverse, the Bear Flag Empire exists…along with the Republic of Texas, the Native Nations Union, Canada, French Canada and The United States of America. Relations between these countries range from very friendly (California, Texas and the NNU) to cordial (Texas and the USA) to businesslike (NNU and the USA) to strained (Canada and French Canada, California and the USA).

The rest of the world is also a bit different from our own. Germany is larger, as are France, Portugal and the British Empire. South America is laid out a bit differently and Mexico doesn’t exist because it was absorbed into California and Texas.

Next post, I’ll get back to the integration of the Potterverse into the mix.

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  1. unclelumpy says:

    If California does secede, would you be willing to house a fugitive from Jesustan?

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