Lightly Pounded Snakes

…just enough to teach them respect

The Dociverse: 21st Century Update, Part Three: A Tale of Two Harrys

This is where I point out that while the Potterverse brings a great many attractive things to my world creating table, it is still not without it’s flaws. First off, the whole Faery Realm is barely touched on. Demons? Hardly a word. Really ass kicking bad guys other than Voldemort? Few. The whole ignorance about how the Muggle world works thing? Pretty hard to swallow.

Fortunately, there is another wizarding world in print that, properly mixed with the Potterverse, gives me just about exactly what I’m looking for in a modern day magical realm. And it has a Harry, too.

Of course, I speak of the Dresden Files series. It is, in some ways, kind of like a Harry Potter Grows Up series, but with a much harder edge and a more fully realized (and yes, fully Americanized) world. In Dresden’s wizarding world, Voldemort would be about 2 steps up from a street punk and if the White Council didn’t catch him, you can bet someone from the Black Council/Faery Realm/Vampire Courts would soon make him their bitch. And speaking of the White Council, if they catch a wizard screwing up, they don’t send him to no steenking Azkaban prison…nope, they cut his fuckin’ head off!

So anyway, the wizarding/magical/monster aspect of the new improved Dociverse is damned near equal parts Potter and Dresden. Next post, I’ll tell you how that shakes out.


2 comments on “Lightly Pounded Snakes

  1. chadu says:

    I think Cowl would eat Tom Riddle for breakfast, horcruxes or no.
    You realize that Evil Hat is doing a Dresden Files RPG, yes?

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