On The Subject Of Golden Haired Faeries

…and their wild ways

GenCon 2007: Another One Bites The Dust

Went to a couple of writers seminars.

Bought the new version of Og, which rocks.

Bought some dice for My Sweet Little Thirteen Lined Ground Squirrel Of Cuteness.

Cruised most of the con area within the convention center (which is by no means all of the con area, since shit goes on in several hotels, too) and took some pix.

Said goodbye to several of my gaming buds…until next year or DunDraCon, whichever comes first.

Ran a game of Og tonight, to much acclaim and laughter. Not quite as frenetic as other Og games I’ve been part of, but a loopy fun game nonetheless.

Finally saw the end (and special features) of Call of Cthulu, due to my best pal avylou buying the DVD, which we watched on her laptop.

My flight out tomorrow is not until nearly noon. I’ll be back in Casa del Basset Hound by 5:00 pm. Possibly more bloggage then, but more likely on Tuesday morning.


One comment on “On The Subject Of Golden Haired Faeries

  1. patricks says:

    Hey Doc – hope you had a good trip home. Love to hear more about the Og game, of course. :)

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