The 75 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Zombie

…if, ya know, you don’t want to be one

The Big GenCon Wrap Up

So, GenCon was fun. Seeing my friends is what the whole going to GenCon thing is about for me and I certainly got to see them. Some more than others, true, but still there was the visiting and the going out to eat and the playing of games and the goofing off. It was all good.

But, as I mentioned earlier, there was a pretty pronounced feeling of disconnection from the actual con itself. It was kinda like I had broken my GenCon going stride…which I had. Let’s see how that happened…

2002: I go to the last GenCon in Milwaukee and, as in the previous decades worth of GenCons, I had a blast.
2003: No GenCon trip due to no money
2004: I go to GenCon, but due to a leg infection I miss 99% of the con. Also, Indianapolis, with it’s foul smelling air and swampy tasting water, fails to impress me.
2005: No GenCon trip because I’m still feeling crappy about the previous trip, Indy and the gaming scene in general. Also, we are flat broke.
2006: No GenCon trip, despite having the money, because I had sworn not to go until 2007

So, as you can see, I basically missed 5 years of GenCon. thus was my stride broken. But wait, there’s more. Part of the disconnect had to do with the con itself.

See, GenCon has gotten humongous. Enormously, giganticly, con that ate Indy humongous. It has filled the convention center (which is pretty friggin’ huge) and spilled out into about 6 hotels. Hell, it’s Indy’s third largest convention…and Indy hosts a bunch of conventions.

And there’s the deal. In 5 years, GenCon has morphed into a con I didn’t really recognize. True, alot of the con (card games, wargames, computer games, RPGA, LARPs) has never held much appeal to me, but now there’s more of everything and it’s all bigger then ever. Shit, it took 2 days for me to really see all of the Dealer’s Room.

Plus there is the fact that I’m scarcely a year out of nearly 5 years of gaming malaise and still not easily excited by most RPG products.

And going there without Grace…and not having my pal Spike there for the first time ever…and staying alone in a hotel for the first time at a con…all added to things.

Anyway, it all just sort of blindsided me this time around. In some ways, it was like losing my big con virginity all over again.

So, you ask after reading this whinefest, will it be better next year? Well, I doubt it, because barring a lottery win, I doubt I’ll be going next year. 2009 should be a go, but in 2008 I’ll most likely be reading your con reports about it.

And that was my GenCon 2007.

Next con: DunDraCon in February, where I’ll run my 19th annual TOON game.


NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: So yeah, a big lack of money, plus other things, added up to me not hitting GenCon until 2019, and even then, it was mostly on somebody else’s nickle. Pretty much everything I said above, plus allergies and a fucked up tooth extraction, made 2019 my second suckiest GenCon. On the other hand, I still oves me some DunDraCon.

6 comments on “The 75 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Zombie

  1. mnemex says:

    Sorry we missed you at the con this year (and that you didn’t have a great time). The giant sized dealer’s room was par for the course for Indy, but the loud, LOUD vidgame section was not — they apparently courted the e3 crowd for this year to take up the slack from E3 closing its doors to the public (and they did always seem to have people there when I wandered through, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they stuck around next year).
    We’ll skip next year as well (for different reasons — Mythcon’s going to be conflicting that weekend and in our area to boot), but probably try to make the next year.

  2. unclelumpy says:

    Well, I hope you liked your beer, at least.

    • Doc Cross says:

      Bloody hell! I knew I forgot to mention someone in my con reports. Actually, I forgot to mention a few folks.
      And yes, the beer was great. Thanks again.

  3. patricks says:

    Good to see you at GenCon, Doc, even if it was too crazy busy to talk much. Coming to the zombie game next Sunday? (Turns out I was wrong, it is next Sunday).

  4. tashkal says:

    It was great meeting you, however briefly.
    I expect I’ll be going to the future ones, if this podcasting thing keeps up. Hopefully I’ll talk to you again when you do go, and I’ll be a bit more coherent than I probably was then.

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