The 10 Blue Budgies Come Home

…and they’re lookning for trouble

Cool Stuff

Here’s a link to a very cool looking online tabletop gaming system that I just might try using to game with my far flung roleplaying buddies.


Other Stuff

I’ll have some sort of review up for each of the products I got at GenCon (most of which were written by Robin Laws), but probably not before Monday.

This Saturday I’ll be girding my loins and doing at least a partial cleaning out of my garage. The reason (other than my garage being full to overflowing with junk and stuff)is that next Tuesday is the semiannual “large trash pick up” and I always take advantage of this chance to pile up and dispose of crap I no longer need.

Sunday will be Game Day with my other gaming group…the one where I get to be just a player, not the GM. I’m looking forward to some zombie stomping action or, failing that, some running away while screaming.

I’ve loaded Campaign Cartographer 3 onto my laptop. It is very cool and a big step up from the also very cool CC Pro. Full review to come soon, after I make a few maps while giggling like a schoolgirl.

After a couple of years of saying I’d do it “next month”, I sent in a zine to Alarums & Excursions. It’s just a rewriting of the GenCon reports I did here, but what the hell, at least I sent in a zine.

More bloggage later. Now is the time for dog walking, then working.

4 comments on “The 10 Blue Budgies Come Home

  1. unclelumpy says:

    Robin Laws… Robin Laws…
    “Farery’s Tale” right?

    • Doc Cross says:

      Uh, yeah, he wrote the fiction portions of it.
      Of course, that was merely a tiny bit of the dozens and dozens of RPG products he has written and/or contributed to. And then there’s the novels, comic books, his web comic, his LJ, his years in A&E, his innumerable panels at cons…

  2. doc_mystery says:

    I barely made it in under the wire for A&E this month, too.

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