Doc Tempest VS Hell On Wheels

…from the April, 1965 issue

Doc Update

In a short while, after I finish my beloved morning tea, I’ll be off to stock up on spices and such from the Herb Lady. Then. later today, I need to grind some of my homegrown herbs up to make some Italian seasoning. Might grind up some chiles, too.

Once all the herbalisciousness is taken care of, I’ll get all domestic like and wash dishes. Of course, there’ll also be dog walking throughout the day.

And I must sow some spinach seeds in the garden.

When Grace gets home from the computer lab, I shall lay my burden down and spend the rest of the evening goofing off.

And thus, another thrill packed day is laid out for this simple country lad.

A Tender Nibble To The Inner Thigh


Doc’s new tv season review: Part 2

The Bionic Woman: Despite following an old tv series formula, (person must work for shadowy organization to save the world every week) this show’s first episode did not suck. In fact, it was pretty good. I’ll give it a few more episodes looksee.

CSI: Answered the cliffhanger question from last year in a very well made episode that kept you guessing. Still has a place in our PVR’s recoerding schedule.

Criminal Minds: Good episode that leads to Mandy Patinkin’s exit from the series. How the show will fare without him remains to be seen.

Mrs. Wangdoodle Gets Lost In The Jungle

…and ends up as a white goddess

On The Road With Violet:Director’s Notes

Enjoyed working with Percy Kilbride (Mr. Crinkleglass), Bette Davis (Miss Jessamine) and Strother Martin (Mr. Guppy), even tho it was only for a few flashbacks.

Voting seems to be leaning towards the pig. Need to contact the Swine Actor’s Guild to locate a suitable young porker.

Filming the river sequence in the Williamette Valley in Oregon, near Eugene/Springfield. Very nice scenery and lots of assistance from the city/county.

No emails from the studio. Perhaps there is a God.

Doing The Cruise Night Beer Toss

…Marysville/Yuba City, summer,1970

On The Road With Violet: Take Me To The River

As she sets off down the southern road, Violet cannot help but think about how the clueless folks of her village were no help at all when it came to finding out where the City of Glass actually was.

“Far to the north.”, said Mr. Crinkleglass, the owner of the used food shop. “I knew a feller whose cousin went there once, 40 years ago. Claimed to have seen a two headed dog there.”

“It’s off in the western hills, dearie.”, purred Miss Jessamine, the sporting house lady. “They say that at night, bands of roving savages gather around to gaze upon it’s beauty.”

Mr. Guppy, the town drunk, allowed as how he thought the City of Glass was off in a great desert that might be “kinda south easty from here…on the other side of a big mountain range.”

Indeed, the best advice she got on finding it came from her own Granny Ingrid. “Well, Vi, we know it’s out there somewhere.”, she had said while making a blisterberry pie. “So I reckon if a body walked far enough, sooner or later they’d just walk right into it.”

And so, armed with her Granny’s sage advice, Violet sets a nice easy pace and enjoys the beauty of the river and the springtime sounds of the birds in the trees.

After walking a couple of miles, Violet gets the distinct feeling that she is being followed.

Scorpion Girl And The Invasion From Jupiter

…it’s action packed adventure

Mind too fuzzy tonight…Body tired…will write Story entry tomorrow…until then, I wrote this earlier…

Doc’s new TV season review: Part 1

Heroes: Nice first episode. Some interesting stuff has been foreshadowed. The “no commercial” commercials sucked ass, but a PVR renders the suckage nil.

Journeyman: This totally failed to engage me. None of the actors were at all interesting and the whole “Change the past to help people” thing has been done to death on TV.

Bones: Starts the new season with a dive right into Really Weird Shit…cannibals, cults, conspiracies and personal problems galore for the team. Great stuff.

Reaper: Produced (and with episode 1 directed by) Kevin Smith, this series takes another old premise (mortal assigned by God or Satan to round up sinners/save souls) and puts a comedic slackeroid spin on it. Good for a few chuckles and Ray Wise makes a good devil.

More stuff later.

Turtle Racing News

…slow, yet exciting

Game Report: Fantasy Heroes

So today marked the resumption of gaming with my regular gaming group, as well as the start of a new series. The rules system is FUDGE and the setting is a continent spanning empire that has seen it’s greatest days and is now, after 1000 years, a safe smoothly running and boring place. There is no magic, everyone is some flavor of human and there are no dragons or other supernatural/magical creatures. Life goes on has it always has.

But not for four 16 year olds from different parts of the empire. For them, it’s weird shit time. Consider…

Three weeks ago, each of them had something very strange happen to them.

One young lady apparently spoke with and controlled several different animals. Her Player, Grace, code named her “Dr. Doolittle”.

Another young lady seems to be capable of building incredible mechanical devices…in her sleep. Her Player, Sam, code named her “Girl Genius”.

A young man from a nomadic tribe is convinced he controlled the weather on at least 3 different days. His Player, Paul, code named him “Weather Man”.

The last young man manifested several bizzare powers…lightning bolts, polymorphing of others, mind control. His Player, Arn, code named him “Mr. Wizard”

Today they awoke, butt naked, in a pine forest. In bodies they didn’t recognize. With new names and the memories of their former lives fast fading. This changing of mind and body has taken 3 weeks, during which they were kept asleep and transported to the remote northern mountains,

They were told that they were special and that a super secret organization called the Order of the White Bird existed to “explain things and help them on their journey”, altho each member they will meet can only tell them a little bit about the big picture.

They were also told that an organization called the Order of the Flaming Fist exists solely to kill them. No capture, no questioning, no deals…just death. Apparently, the agents of the Flaming Fist have some way of tracking them…IF they can get within 30 miles of them.

Finally, the agents of the Imperial Intelligence Corps are after them, despite not knowing exactly why they need to find these 4 young people. Most likely, somebody very high up in government knows something.

And so, today’s episode found the 4 travellers on the road to a remote mountain village, where they met their first contact at the White Bird Inn. (note: all of their contacts will be recognizable by some reference to white birds) They were given a rather cryptic map, told where to go to meet their next contact and informed that agents of the Burning Fist were no more than 3 days behind them.

That night, while they waited, for the full moon to rise so they could make their way out of town, the young lady known as Porrin fell asleep, then awoke after a few minutes. Speaking in a more mature and businellike voice, she set the others to gathering up stuff from local farms and the blacksmith shop. Within 3 hours, she had constructed a spring powered wind up wagon. Despite it only having a top speed of 10-15 miles an hour, it still got them far out of town before they had to abandon it due to thick forest.

We left off with them following a river that would lead them to their next contact and, hopefully, another piece in their puzzle.

Stainless Steel Dogs, Titanium Cats, Carbon Nanotube Mice

…high tech critters, those

Regarding the “storytelling by poll” session from yesterday: I received the following email from the studio.


Love the whole poll based writing thing. Very indie. Very experimental. Just a couple of minor suggestions.

We were thinking it might be nice to let your co-writers know who is cast as who. The brass is thinking some hot young property as Violet. Maybe somebody from the indie music scene. Could be great tie in potential there. Just a thought, amigo.

And speaking of tie in potential, can you give Violet a dog or cat as a travelling companion? Corporate loves that kind of thing and so do audiences. Plus, the back end money could be sweet.

Now, about the narration…hey, we love your voice, big guy, but our focus groups show that audiences prefer someone more “British”…or at least more smooth and cultured. Not that you aren’t cultured, but hey, there’s still that small town boy in your voice. We’ve got a list of possible narrators here. Just look it over, ‘kay?

Ian McKellen
Anthony Hopkins
Patrick Stewart
Sean Connery
Michael Caine

or, if you don’t like the whole Brit vibe…

James Earl Jones

Finally, are you still dead set against the whole Mostly Purple Patty thing? I mean, we’ve got it optioned and the fan base is huge. You’re still early on and it wouldn’t take much to rework it. Could be the next Harry Potter.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

To which I replied:

Addressing your suggestions in the order they were put forth…

Violet is being played by Christina Ricci at age 16, only taller. Think an older, less sinister, less worldly Wednesday Addams

The idea of a companion does interest me. I’ll run it by the co-writers.

Ok, I’ve chosen another narrator. Being unfettered by things like time and space, I chose Vincent Price at the height of his carreer.

Mostly Purple Patty? No, absolutely not. I suggest asking Tim Burton to animate it.


Director’s Diary

So far, things go well. May have made a big mistake agreeing to minor suggestions by studio weasels. Could come back to bite my ass.