Seaweed Passion

…lust among the kelp

Dociverse 21st Century Update

Ok, so we were discussing the magical/fantasy aspect of the modern day Dociverse. Here are some random thoughts on the subject, since it’s early and my tea has not quite kicked in.

1: As I stated way earlier, the Dociverse Earth is really two worlds. They occupy the same space, but different dimensions. There is the Dociversion of our world, where technology mostly reigns supreme, and there is the other world…the more Potterverselike world, where magic is king. However, there is bleed through that runs both ways. In our world, this allows folks like Harry Dresden and Doctor Strange to do their thing. In the fantasy world, it gives rise to vampires and other monsters from our world (because these monsters were created by the first Takisian xenovirus tests in 1031 A.D.). In both worlds, it allows gadgeteers (as we call them) and technomancers (as the fantasy world calls them).

2: The number of bleed through points on both worlds increase and decrease as time passes. By the early 21st century, they are on the decrease, as are the number of “monsters” in both worlds.

3: What both worlds refer to as “demons” are actually a very powerful magical race who dwell in the hollow interior of the fantasy Earth. They are no more or less evil than the average human, it’s just that the evil ones seem to be easier to summon.

4: The Faery Realm exists as a North American sized continent on the fantasy world, altho there are pockets of fae on our world. The Fae Courts are pretty much as described in the Dresden Files novels.

5: No doubt at least one of you is asking “But what about the Lovecraftian monsters?” Well, Takisian Xenovirus #1 allows the human gestalt to make the monsters of our various cultures real, so the Lovecraft gang does pop up on occasion, but they are not immortal or as insanely powerful as described by HPL. They are very powerful and sanity draining, just not the unstoppable beings of the Mythos. You want find unstoppable, go talk to Japan and visit the Godzilla Task Force headquarters. Big G, he’s unstoppable.

6: The Hogwarts concept of schools for young wizards and witches is pretty much in place worldwide on our planet, altho the actual schools are on the fantasy world. Naturally, the way these schools operate is different for each country.

More on the fantasy Dociverse later, with the steampunk/pulp Dociverse waiting in the bullpen.

If you have questions, please ask.

Now, off to work.


One comment on “Seaweed Passion

  1. megdeon says:

    This reminds me slightly of a more in depth version of the Apprentice Adept series by Peirs Anthony. Minus the HP side of things.

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