The Flying Spanaducci Sisters

…Stella, Frieda, Maxine and Hortense

(Directors Note: Since the City of Glass tied with Earth As Seen From Space, I flipped a coin to determine the winner)

On The Road With Violet: Picture This

Upon seeing the photograph of the City of Glass, Violet leaps to her feet so that she may examine it closely. The picture is a bit out of focus, but it does indeed show the legendary city. It appears to have been taken from some distance away and at a rather high altitude.

Violet quickly turns to Sir Rupert. “Professor, is this the City of Glass? Did you take this photograph?”

Sir Rupert is a bit taken aback by Violet’s excitement, but he answers her. “Why, yes, that is the City of Glass, but I’m afraid I did not take the photo. It was taken by my Uncle William, who was an explorer of some note. I believe he took that one while on his expedition to the Short Forest of Calderoon.”

“Oh,” says Violet, “I don’t suppose he is still around, is he? I would very much like directions to the City of Glass from somebody who has actually been there.”

“No, my dear, my uncle lost along with all hands in a shipwreck 20 years ago.”

A bit bummed out, Violet returns to her chair. “Ah well,” she sighs, “I guess I’ll just keep looking. Sooner or later I’m just bound to find directions that will take me there.”

After a moments thought, Nigel speaks up. “Professor, weren’t all of your uncle’s journals and other papers donated to the Explorer’s Club after his death? Might Violet not find something useful among them?

Slapping his knee, Sir Rupert exclaims, “By George, Trembly, you’ve got a point there! Why, we’ll just send the Head Librarian a message saying that he should help Violet look through the notes. Violet, I’m thinking it won’t be too much longer before you have your directions!”

But before Violet can thank them, a terribly loud racket surprises them all and the turtle begins to rock back and forth rather alarmingly. Tea is spilled, things are knocked off of shelves and Lavender begins squealing.


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