It’s All Fun And Games Until Your Face Explodes

…and we all know how much that hurts.

The Weekend That Was

Saturday was another “Doc throws himself headlong into gardening until he is exhausted” day. I made a great many weeds my bitch, did some pruning, swept/raked up tons of cuttings/clippings, hauled same to a new bigass compost pile (on the driveway, near the herb bed) and generally spent 7 hours trying to kill myself in my annual Fall horticultural cleaning orgy.

Once that was all done and I was a mass of aching muscles, I showered, collapsed into my chair and allowed my Sweet Angel to shove food, drink (stout! mmmmmm!) and pain meds into easy arms reach. Then, later, I slept the sleep of the back spasm plagued dead.

Sunday was all about going over to help my pal patricks do some work on his late father’s house. We ripped up some carpet, moved some furniture, tore down some old paneling, sorted through many household items and ate pizza. By 3:45, I was home.

Soon, I shall advance cook a mess o’ red beans and rice for tomorrow nights dinner, then help Grace cook dinner for tonight. Then, later (once Grace has gone to bed), I shall watch Carnival of Souls, a wonderfully creepy low budget flick from the 1960’s.

One comment on “It’s All Fun And Games Until Your Face Explodes

  1. unclelumpy says:

    When I get married, I want it to be just like you, Doc…
    Late in life, no kids*, because she feeds me what I like!
    Seriously, what more could a man ask for?
    You got it figured out, Brah!
    *Though, uhh… I dunno… Did you have a fling with a short-haired chick in Chicago in March 1976?

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