Cats Who Rob Banks Never Leave A Clue

…except for the odd hairball

Well, well, well…once again, I had to cast the tie breaking (and randomly determined) vote on the latest Violet poll. That was quite the 3 way race y’all had going there. Anyway, new Violet entry up tonight.

All goes well here at Basset Hound Manor, with Grace in her usual frenzy about her latest computer class (Dreamweaver, I think). She’ll ace the class, of course, just as she always does, but you’ll never convince her of that until she sees the final grades.

I’m doing ok, despite a motherfucker of a headache caused by sleeping with my neck at a bad angle.

Winker is…well, just sweet and pupperiffic. As always.

Daisy got freaked out by some thunder last night, but is ok today, which is good cos she has another vet visit in about 45 minutes.

More bloggage later.


One comment on “Cats Who Rob Banks Never Leave A Clue

  1. mythusmage says:

    On Larcenous Cats
    Cats are odd hairballs.

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