Coconut Cream Chicken Pot Pie

…yum yum, it’s two dishes in one

On The Road With Violet: Turtle Raiders

As the turtle pitches about, everyone grabs hold of something to hold on to. Lavender, squealing in fear and anger, wedges herself under a chair.

Hercules, now fighting to retain control of the turtle, shouts, “We’re under attack! Looks like road pirates, Perfesser!”

“Bloody Hell!,” Sir Rupert exclaims as he begins heading down the hallway of the turtles neck. “Trembly, man the turret. Violet, come with me to the tail gun.”

Following Sir Rupert, Violet heads for the after section of the turtle, doing her best not to be thrown to her knees by the increasingly violent rocking. After a few minutes, they reach a strange looking sort of chair. It has hand grips, foot pedals and an odd looking helmet thing attached to it.

Quickly helping Violet into the chair, Sir Rupert begins fastening a restraining belt across her waist as he explains how to operate the tail gun.

“Right grip controls up and down. Left controls side to side. Pump your foot on the left pedal a few times to pressurize the gun, then push the right pedal down to fire. You’ll be able to see the entire rear area through the viewer. Good luck!”

With that, he runs back towards the front of the turtle, barking orders to Nigel and Hercules.

Pulling the helmet onto her head, Violet can now see the rear portion of of the turtle, including its 6 foot long tail. There are half a dozen men, all dressed in black, clinging to the turtles lower shell. They seem to be armed with large pistols of a type Violet has never seen before.

Violet begins to use the controls to manipulate the tail gun. As she does this, she pumps the left pedal until it will no longer move. Once the gun is pointing directly at one of the men, she stomps down on the right pedal.

“Oh my!,” Violet cries out as a gout of flame shoots from the turtle tail and turns the road pirate into a fireball. “That will show them!” Soon, she is flaming pirates right and left. After a couple of minutes, she has cleared off all of them.


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