Zeeba Zabba Zeedlybop

…yeah, that’s right

I was going to do a Violet post last night or this morning, but the headache that popped up late yesterday afternoon is still with me, so maybe I’ll get the post in tonight.

In other news, while listing the characters I wanted to use in my Dundracon TOON game (“The House That Jerks Built”), I chose one of my favorites: Robot DeNiro, the paranoid robot butler. He’s always good for lotsa laughs, since his “serve and protect the Master and his friends” programming always conflicts with his “Earth is being invaded by aliens and monsters” programming and he eventually goes batshit crazy.

In other other news, since I am almost certainly not going to GenCon or Origins in 2008 (barring a lottery win, a big inheritance from some unknown relative or a gold strike in my garden), I’m going to try like hell to do several local Nor Cal cons. I expect most will just be one day visits, but I’ll try to run official games in order to get a free badge.

And now, work beckons. More bloggage later if my head doesn’t explode.

The Land Where Babies Play With Eyeballs And Old People Crawl On Walls


All Aboard The Random Stuff Express

I’m still lovin’ me some Heroes this season, but the writers/producer need to learn three lessons: (1) If you kill somebody, at least let them stay dead awhile (preferably all/most of a season) before you bring them back. Sylar should have not appeared this season. (2) You don’t need to threaten world destruction every season. (3) If you’re gonna bring in new heroes, make them interesting and feature them more.

I’m going to try to set aside some time this weekend for writing, now that the game/writing room is set up. I’ll most likely divide my time between a rules free RPG setting, a rules free adventure and the chartacters for my Dundracon TOON game.

Speaking of writing, I fully plan on putting On The Road With Violet: The Expanded Directors Cut on this very LJ sometime early in 2008. Mind you, this will be an expansion of already posted Violet entries and will run concurrently with new Violet entries.

I’ve been reading stuff about D&D 4th Edition recently and I have to say that I’m not impressed or interested in it. As for the lack of a D&D Compatible/D20 deal for the system, which would allow other companies to do what they did for/to D&D 3rd Edition, I can’t say as I think it’s a bad idea. Go on, tiny little RPG companies, and use the OGL…or better yet, hook up with a good offshoot like True20 or somesuch.

Gotta go to work. More bloggity blog blog blog later.

Chapter 81: In Which Our Hero Steals A Ship, Becomes A Pirate And Teaches A Parrot Rude Phrases

…and a rude gesture or two

Future Doc here, commenting from 2017. The previous version of this post was done on LiveJournal and the pics I had put in it never transferred, so I’m replacing the whole post with Some Random Gaming Ideas.

1: Set a campaign at the very end of a millennia (or more) of magic. Magic, along with the various magical lifeforms and other stuff, has almost faded from the world and science is on the rise. The PCs are tasked with taking the last great Magical Thing to a stasis chamber located in the ass end of nowhere for a 2,000 year rest before it can bring magic back. They are being chased by Evil Bastards who want to stop magic from ever returning.


2: Flip the above around to the mid 20th Century and have the PCs be a bunch of young misfits who are tasked with finding and activating the Magical Thing. Set this during the Red Scare and they can be chased by both the Commies and the FBI, as well as cultists and general weirdos.


That’s all, folks!

Gidget Goes Apeshit

…poor Moondoggie

Yo, dudes & dudettes, I added more game room pix to my last post! Go check it out again.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic of Owsley, the bad bear that guards my games.

He’s a hard drinkin’ Harley ridin’ kinda bear.

Kissing On The Golden Gate Bridge In The Fog

…among other things

Well, folks, I reckon that a 5 to 1 vote for keeping Violet and her mates together is good enough for me:)

On The Road With Violet: Into The Wild With Gun And Gamera

(Directors Note: The part of Captain Fox will be played by Errol Flynn at age 40)

Upon hearing Hercules give the emergency escape warning, Nigel and Violet run into the parlor/control room. Upon seeing them, Lavender gives forth a happy squeal.

“Find a chair and sit tight”, Nigel says to Violet. “Things are going to move fast in just a moment.” With that, he seats himself in a large chair near a viewing mirror.

Within seconds, the turtles head begins to retract pack into the main body. Violet can hear machinery clanking, gears turning and steam hissing. From outside, she can hear the faint sounds of the road pirates once again attacking the turtle.

Meanwile, atop the turtles head, Sir Rupert is pretty sure his side is only scratched a bit from the pirates blade. When he hears the warning from Hercules, he steps on a small panel 3 times. This causes a trap door to slide open.

From across road, Captain Fox, shouts “Ahoy, Sir Rupert! I’ll stay here, if you please, but I’ll make a place for you and your crew as my guests, once my brother’s skyship has hauled that great beast in.”

As the trap door finishes opening, a pole extends upward from the parlor floor. Grabbing it, Sir Rupert laughs and shouts back “Not today, Captain” and slides down the pole.

As soon as she sees Sir Rupert, Violet notices that he has been wounded. Leaping to her feet, she runs to him and helps him onto a sofa.

“Nigel, I need a first aid kit”, she shouts. Nigel points her towards a cupboard, where she finds not only the kit she needs, but a large bottle of what looks like gin. She grabs them both and returns to the Professor.

Meanwhile, the head has retracted all the way in to the very center of the turtle. A large metal plate slides into place and covers the neck hole. The turtles legs all extend a bit and turn to the side. In his pilots chair, Hercules begins a countdown.


“Violet, my dear, there’s no need for…”


“Do shut up, Professor, and let me tend to this wound.”


“As you say, my nurse. Might I have a bit of that gin?”


“Certainly, but do save a bit for me.”



“0…Perfesser, I hope that Cavor feller was on the up an’ up”

At this point, while tending to Sir Rupert, Violet notices several things happen very quickly. First, there is the sound of small doors opening on the underside of the turtle. Next comes a loud wooshing noise that drowns out all other sound. As that takes place, she sees that the turtles shell is beginning to rotate, although the parlor seems to be remaining stationary. Finally, she can feel the entire turle rapidly rising into the air.

Within moments, the turtle is spinning rapidly and flying through the air. It narrowly misses the skyship, on which the crew is now hurriedly jumping out of the way of the flying chains that were meant to secure the turtle.

Seconds later, they are a mile away from the skyship and travelling fast.

“We’re away!”, says Nigel triumphantly, “Fifteen minutes until the steam jets shut off, then you can guide us to a landing, Hercules.”