Putting A Positive Spin On Doomsday

…at least it’ll solve overpopulation Happy Thanksgiving to those of us what celebrates it today! And what, you might well ask, is this Humble Country Boy thankful for? I’m thankful for My Sweet Angel, Grace and my two loving pooches, Daisy & Winker and my loyal, raucous and always funny family and my ever interesting friends and life in general! Oh, yeah, I’m also thankful for chocolate, beer, sex, the internet, kids, animals, games, licorice, pie, Mexican food, Asian food, food in general, Alton Brown, toons, redheads, blondes, brunettes, being human, television, music in general, rock & roll in particular, books, my imagination, ice cream, Doctor Who, women with big tits/average tits/little tits, cake, my garden, women with nice asses, being male, pork, dogs, apricots, ducks, cheerleaders, Clint Eastwood, herbs & spices, pizza, hot dogs, Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, automobiles, science fiction, fantasy, pulp fiction, Coyote, the unfailing predictability of most human beings, blue jeans, cookies, reggae, malted milk balls, good luck, tequila, chile peppers, turtles, toilet paper, radio, Harley Davidson motorcycles, my assorted ancestors, ibuprofen, single malt scotch, fudge, bananas, bandanas, the Great State of California, rabbits, Jodie Foster, mapping software, sunglasses… …and a bunch of other stuff.


3 comments on “Putting A Positive Spin On Doomsday

  1. avylou says:

    Lots of good thinks in your list. Among others, these are my standard items – electricity, flush toilets, and the 3 A’s – antiseptics, antibiotics, and anesthesia.

  2. unclelumpy says:

    Err… Ummm…
    Am I included in that company?
    I mean, yeah, I haven’t been around quite as long and maybe I’m not quite as prestigious (yet), but…

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