Dr. Tachyon Comes To Dinner

…once he returned from Takis, of course

Quick Stuff

Heath Ledger Is Dead: Looks as tho it was an accidental overdose. Tragic. He was a fine actor. His death will make watching The Dark Knight a bittersweet experience.

Life After People: Watched and very much enjoyed this show on History Channel. Folks, most of the manmade stuff we see around us will be lucky to last 300 years after we are gone. Hey, dogs, rats, mice & cockroaches: it will suck to be you for the first couple of years. You won’t die off, but you’ll never see your former glory. Cats & pigeons: You do ok. Farm & zoo animals (except, of course, pigs): You are probably severely screwed. Wild animals: The world is your oyster. I may write more about all this later, as the whole concept has many implications for post-apocalypse roleplaying.

The Weather: It is our cold & rainy season here in the Golden State. Have I mentioned lately that I hate cold & rain? Even worse, my annual fix of gardening porn (aka seed/nursery catalogs) is arriving daily (both in dead tree and digital forms) and my gardening lust is building up. Soon, when the weather warms and dries out a bit, I shall descend upon my garden armed with veggie transplants and (as Arlo Guthrie called them) implements of destruction. Soon, my pole beans shall tower into the sky…my tomatoes shall loom large on the horizon…my chiles shall rule the world….BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Err…sorry about that…got a bit caught up there…I think I’ll head off to work now.

One comment on “Dr. Tachyon Comes To Dinner

  1. mythusmage says:

    Have you ever noticed 90% of all successful suicides are accidental?
    You get sent gardening supply catalogs in the Winter, because if you got them in the Spring you’d be too busy gardening to buy anything.
    BTW, in this story I read the hero has occasion to go 50 million years uptime, and runs across a seam of asphaltite. Asphaltite being a metamorphic rock based on asphalt.

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