Sneaking A Ride In a Truck Full Of Cattle

…from Barstow to San Diego, 1971

Doc Update

Yesterday was all about running hither and yon on errands with Grace. Part of our errands included stopping at a huge thrift store that has an equally huge book section. While there, I increased my paperback pulp collection with “Daughter of Fu Manchu” and “The Avenger #23: The Wilder Curse”. In a non-pulpy vein, I also picked up “Magical Beasts And Where To Find Them” and “Quidditch Through The Ages”. All of these were 50 cents each. My Sweet Angel bought a big bag of books, most of which relate to her further honing her computer technomancy skills.

Once the running about was done, we took The Girls to the now named “Jackrabbit Park”. It was fairly sunny and near 70 degrees, so it was good dog walking weather. While Grace strolled about with Winker, Daisy and I went in search of the wily hare that escaped us last time.

And, he escaped us this time, too. Primarily, this was done by him being about a quarter mile away from us when we finally spotted him. Despite my having Daisy on her 80′ long rope leash, she never even got close to her #2 Hated Enemy (#1 is still the insidious Baby Gate). When she was still 500 feet away from the longeared lout, he hauled ass into a thickly wooded creek area. Still, Daisy was not depressed by this turn of events, taking the advantage of her proximity to a pond to vigorously bark at several ducks.

We walked back to the car, vowing that we would return and be victorious in our efforts to give Ol’ Jack a serious ass whuppin’.

Last night was all about being lazy and watching movies of a magical bent. Said movies were “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and “Practical Magic”. Later (like, 2AM for me) there was sleeping.

So far today, after a rather massive breakfast at Hometown Buffet, there has been some laziness. However, Grace has just left to buy groceries and I’m soon up to do laundry, so we may actually shake off our sluggishness…just in time to bath these two stinky hound dogs. After that, we may dabble in the exciting world of dishwashing and dinner cooking. The fun, she never stops.

Non-Violet Oriented Poll

Ok, Most Honored Readers, it’s time for a poll. Ya see, Tuesday is my birthday (#54 in a series) and, since I have taken the day off, I need to decide where to have my Annual Birthday Lunch. This year, I’ve decided to let you choose my dining destination.


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