Devil Pigeons With Laser Eyes

…they crap on a statue, then melt it

The Letter Meme

This is the meme where you list 5 things that start with the same letter that have meaning to you. I was tagged with “R” by the world famous mylescorcoran. If you want to be tagged, reply to this entry and ask for a letter.

Rock & Roll: I’m a child of the two great rock & roll eras, the 50’s & 60’s, so of course, I like the Rocking & Rolling.

Redheads: I’m one and so are both my siblings. Oddly, our parents were brunettes, as were our grandparents. Also, none of my nieces or nephews are redheads.

Reading: Been doing it since I was about 3. Altho I still read voraciously, I no longer devour novels like I did in my youth. Nowadays, I prefer my reading in smaller chunks.

Ramones: I’m not an expert in punk rock, but I do like much of it that I hear. The Ramones remain my faves from the Punk Era. They get heavy rotation on long vacation drives.

Roseanna: AKA Rosie. My sister, 22 months younger than I am. She’s a funny and tough and sweet gal.

Roscoe: Our first Basset Hound. He was set in his ways, stinky and very lovable. He lived to a very old age for a basset, 15+ years.

Ribs: As in pork ribs, barbecued. To me, this is the highest honor we can give to the great and noble pig.

Roadtrips: I love cruising the open road on a long trip. I’ve driven across the USA 6 times and driven more than halfway at least 7 times. I’ve driven the entire west coast route (San Diego to the Canadian border) 3 times, and large chunks of that many many times. Hopefully, in 2009, Grace and I will be driving to GenCon (or Origins, if GenCon goes tits up).

Roleplaying Games: Been playin’ ’em since 1976. Been writin’ about ’em and for ’em since 1990. Despite having sold off a bunch in recent years, I still own a room full of ’em.

Rascal: As in Charming or Infuriating, depending upon the circumstances. What I am, based upon the opinions of those who know me well.

Attack Of The Pasta Men From Mercury

…as usual, they’ve come to steal our women

Doc Update #3,965,471

1: I’m finally feeling almost entirely human again. Man, I REALLY hate being sick.

2: Last night’s Call of Cthulhu game was huge fun. Bigfoot…crazy old miners…suspicious townsfolk…aliens doing vivisection on still living humans…it was the bomb.

3: Now that I’m feeling better, my postings should increase, including the next chapter in the adventures of Violet.

4: Also associated with feeling better, I need to thank the estrogen based life forms in my home for not killing me while I was a grumpy sick whiny old wimp. To this end, I plan on taking Grace and The Girls somewhere next Saturday. The City By The Bay looks promising, as does the Mendocino coastline.

5: I think I’m finally healthy enough to get back to work on my Pro Writing projects. All spec work, mind you, and possibly grist for the direct to PDF mill, but stuff I think is worth trying anyway.

and now, walkies and working, in that order. More blog-o-rama tonight.

A Big Old Magnet For Crazy White Girls

…and the random off her rocker latina

No, that doesn’t refer to me.

So, yesterday I bought ANOTHER friggin’ cell phone, to replace the El Cheapo one that died just before Dundracon. Since the chip from my old phone doesn’t work in my new one, I’ve had to plug in phone numbers manually.

Which leads me to this…If you gave me your cell/landline phone number in the past 6 or 8 months, or if you think I ought to have your phone number, EMAIL it to me. I shall, of course, email you mine in return.


And now, I’m off to finish the totally yummo salsa that I’m taking to the Call of Cthulhu game this afternoon.

Super Hero Ninja Girl Mizumi

…more faux anime that popped into my head

Not Dead Yet!

I still live, tho it is indeed as a pale ghost of my former self. Still no onset of real sickness. I’m beginning to wonder if a vampire or phantom lover is not visiting me in my sleep.

Still, despite feeling like 5 pounds of shit in a 10 pound bag, one must do ones duty, eh wot? So, today I shall sally forth and…A: meet with my financial advisor, who, I hope, can advise me on a winning lottery number…B: get my paycheck and lovingly hold it for about 5 minutes before it goes into the bank to be ravaged by my creditors…C: do a bit of shopping…D: get my ass home before Winter Storm #276 hits this afternoon.

More blogging later? Hell if I know, kiddies.

Fear And Loathing In Munchkinland

…we were halfway to the Emerald City when the lollipops kicked in

Ok, so I’ve not posted as often this month due to feeling crappy. Well, the crappiness continues. I’ll go into more details when I feel better.

I can’t say when the next Violet post will go up. Perhaps not until March. Sorry for the delays.

Now, off to bed for 11 hours, with hopes of actually sleeping more than 3 hours per night.

I hate being sick, kinda sick, sorta maybe sick and/or just yucky feeling.

A Big Hot Bowl of Ant Soup

…the kind with crunchy ants

Dundracon 2008 Part 5

It was Grave Robbers From Outer Space that we played, not what I wrote earlier…the Saturday afternoon Call of Cthulhu game was mucho fun…ate dinner at Baja Fresh with friends…played the Arkham Horror board game until midnight…it has about 35,000,000 tokens, cards, etc…very fun game…went to bed and slept like a log…got up this morning and went to the Humor in Roleplaying seminar…it was not bad…cruised the Dealers Room one more time, then Arn and I headed home around noon…I got in around 2:30…had great fun at the con…end of con report.

Fishburger Soup

…with extra roe

Dundracon 2008 Part 4

Flea market has so far offered nothing I want to spend $$ on…bought the Inn Fighting card/dice game for $5.00 in the Dealer’s Room…played the Graverobbers from Outer Space card game and it was mucho fun…eating chow as I type this…CoC game in a short while…hot food for dinner tonight…remembered I brought my camera, so pix will be taken soon…more blog-o-rama later.