Attack Of The Pasta Men From Mercury

…as usual, they’ve come to steal our women

Doc Update #3,965,471

1: I’m finally feeling almost entirely human again. Man, I REALLY hate being sick.

2: Last night’s Call of Cthulhu game was huge fun. Bigfoot…crazy old miners…suspicious townsfolk…aliens doing vivisection on still living humans…it was the bomb.

3: Now that I’m feeling better, my postings should increase, including the next chapter in the adventures of Violet.

4: Also associated with feeling better, I need to thank the estrogen based life forms in my home for not killing me while I was a grumpy sick whiny old wimp. To this end, I plan on taking Grace and The Girls somewhere next Saturday. The City By The Bay looks promising, as does the Mendocino coastline.

5: I think I’m finally healthy enough to get back to work on my Pro Writing projects. All spec work, mind you, and possibly grist for the direct to PDF mill, but stuff I think is worth trying anyway.

and now, walkies and working, in that order. More blog-o-rama tonight.