Devil Pigeons With Laser Eyes

…they crap on a statue, then melt it

The Letter Meme

This is the meme where you list 5 things that start with the same letter that have meaning to you. I was tagged with “R” by the world famous mylescorcoran. If you want to be tagged, reply to this entry and ask for a letter.

Rock & Roll: I’m a child of the two great rock & roll eras, the 50’s & 60’s, so of course, I like the Rocking & Rolling.

Redheads: I’m one and so are both my siblings. Oddly, our parents were brunettes, as were our grandparents. Also, none of my nieces or nephews are redheads.

Reading: Been doing it since I was about 3. Altho I still read voraciously, I no longer devour novels like I did in my youth. Nowadays, I prefer my reading in smaller chunks.

Ramones: I’m not an expert in punk rock, but I do like much of it that I hear. The Ramones remain my faves from the Punk Era. They get heavy rotation on long vacation drives.

Roseanna: AKA Rosie. My sister, 22 months younger than I am. She’s a funny and tough and sweet gal.

Roscoe: Our first Basset Hound. He was set in his ways, stinky and very lovable. He lived to a very old age for a basset, 15+ years.

Ribs: As in pork ribs, barbecued. To me, this is the highest honor we can give to the great and noble pig.

Roadtrips: I love cruising the open road on a long trip. I’ve driven across the USA 6 times and driven more than halfway at least 7 times. I’ve driven the entire west coast route (San Diego to the Canadian border) 3 times, and large chunks of that many many times. Hopefully, in 2009, Grace and I will be driving to GenCon (or Origins, if GenCon goes tits up).

Roleplaying Games: Been playin’ ’em since 1976. Been writin’ about ’em and for ’em since 1990. Despite having sold off a bunch in recent years, I still own a room full of ’em.

Rascal: As in Charming or Infuriating, depending upon the circumstances. What I am, based upon the opinions of those who know me well.


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  1. joshbrown says:

    Why not?
    Okay, I’ll bite.

  2. Please sir, can I have a letter?

  3. Doc Cross says:

    Well hell…I just realized that I listed 10 things instead of 5. Guess I really AM over being sick.

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