The Rare And Beautiful Carnivorous Fig Tree Of Potawango Island

…tasty figs, but they bite

Stuff…on a cloudy day

1: Decided not to attend ConQuest Sac this year. I really can’t afford it. I’ll go next year…IF the con is still around then.

2: My gaming group was supposed to meet tomorrow for boardgaming, but I’m putting that off until next Sunday. After that, I’ll be gaming most sundays with either Group #1 or Group #2.

3: As mentioned above, it is a grey and drizzly day so far. If it drys out and turns sunny, I’ll be putting in my veggie garden. If not, I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

4: For my bibliophilic friends in the Sacramento area, two weeks from today will see the start of the annual Sacramento ASPCA’s nine day long book sale. Not sure of the location yet, but it’s usually at Birdcage Walk on Sunrise. This is a humongous book sale, so save yer pennies:)

Time for me to get rolling on household chores. More bloggage later.

Dorsey The Fence Makes A Bad Business Decision

…and ends up on the run

Hi there! My allergies have lessened up on their assault, but I’m still Mr. Sneezy. So, instead of writing an entry for this morning, I’ve let Daisy and Winker do it.

Daisy: Woof! Wiff, wuff, bark, bark. Bark, ruff, ruff, woof? Whine, bow wow, wuff, wuff! Woof, woof, bow wow, wuff. Bark, bark!

Winker: Wiff, wiff, woof! Woof, woof, whine, bark. Wuff! Bow wow, bow wow, ruff. Woof, woof? Rrrrrowf!

More bloggage later today.

Pirate Chipmunks Go Wild

…carousing, looting, eating out of bird feeders

You know what? Allergies SUCK! My nose is runny, I get sneezing fits and every so often, my left eye (never the right eye. what the hell’s up with that?) itches like crazy. Blahhh! I feel like stomping Tokyo into fiery ruins.

The Astounding Adventures Of Doctor Tempest In The Land Of The Cat Women

…from the January, 1901 edition

Sunday went well here at the D&G Cross Basset Hound Spa and Hotel. Some housework got done, lots of yummy lasagna was eaten and plenty of lounging about was done. Daisy and I did go on a 1.5 mile hike, and in the evening, we all walked down the street to the park so The Girls could roll in the grass, sniff around and explore. A pretty good Sunday, as these things go.

Our taxes are done and E-filed, so that annual pain in the ass is done with.

Today is vet visit day for Winker and doctor visit day for Grace. For me, it’s worky worky. For Daisy, it’s a Home Alone Day.

The Sad Ballad Of Junior Muskrat And The Mean Weasels

…as sung by Tom Waits

To All My Friends Of A Non-Religious Leaning: Happy Undead Jesus Day!

To All My Friends Of Various Religious Faiths: Happy Whatever Day!

All you religious folks need to standardize yer holidays, so as to make things easier on us heathens.

Today at Chez Cross there will be relaxing, house cleaning, gardening, smooching, making of lasagna, dog walking, cooking of lasagna, more relaxing, eating of lasagna, tax doing, dish washing, laundry doing and other fun stuff. Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve downloaded and am checking out Microlite20 and it’s looking pretty sweet. It’s d20, gutted and stripped to the bare bones. It is just possible I may use it in the near future. It looks like it would be the way to go for a d20 hater like myself:)

So…next weekend is Conquest Sac, the only local game con. Problem is, the con last year was pretty fuckin’ lame. I went on Friday night for a few hours, then again on Saturday for about 2 hours, then said “fuck it”. There just wasn’t all that much going on for a non-wargamer.

Anyway, this year, I’ll stop by on Friday night and check it out. If I like what I see, I’ll buy a badge for Saturday. Sunday is the day my regular gaming group (the one I GM for) gets together to play boardgames and decide what our next RPG series will be.

Speaking of the next series for my gaming group, I have it narrowed down to a Pulp Era series that focuses on stopping the fiendish machinations of a single evil villain…or, a modern era “treasure hunt” for the parts of a mysterious device…or, a low magic fantasy setting in which the players are all thieves out to get rich. I have no idea which one they’ll pick, altho betting on the fantasy series is probably smart.

And now, I’m off to do stuff.

The Horticultural Whore Sees Red

…and green

This morning, one of the local garden centers has 4 inch pots of veggie plants on sale: two for $1.29. This is a good deal, so I went to check it out.

I found that by “veggies” they meant about a dozen varieties of tomato, 5 varieties of pepper and 1 variety of cucumber. No beans, squash, melons, eggplant or other veggies.

Still, the plants looked good and the price was right, so I bought…

2 pots of Superbeef tomatoes
1 pot of Brandywine tomatoes
1 pot of Mortgage Lifter tomatoes
1 pot of Early Girl tomatoes
1 pot of Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes
1 pot of Yolo Wonder bell peppers
1 pot of Italian Sweet peppers

I’ll have to buy my grean beans, cantalopes, squash and more peppers at a later date.

And now, my answers to the “Why Do You Play/GM RPGs?” question.

I play rpgs mostly for the chance to socially interact and to assume a different identity for awhile. I also enjoy the chance to match wits with the GM.

I GM for the same reasons as above, plus I enjoy the mental workout I get from both creating a world/setting/situation and matching with with a group of players.

However, the main reason I both play and GM (and write/create RPG stuff) is to give some outlet to my nonstop imagination, which never ever truly shuts down.

Now it’s time for me to drink my Oolong, then go spray vinegar on my weedy enemies in the garden.

Creamy Lizard Pudding

…is it made from creamy lizards or is it creamy pudding for lizards?

A bit of quick meme stuff

Finish The Sentence Meme…

1. I’ve come to realize that…animals are superior to people.
2. I listen to…more things than people suspect.
3. I talk…a lot.
4. I love…Grace, The Girls, My Family, My Friends.
5. My best friends…all a bit odd, in one way or another.
6. My first real kiss…was life changing.
7. I lost my virginity…to an older woman.
8. I hate it when people…behave stupidly.
9. Love is…crazy and wonderful.
10. Marriage is…like love, only more fun.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking…but they are in the minority.
13. I have a secret crush on…someone whose identity shall not be revealed, lest the secret die.
14. The last time I cried was because…I heard about something terrible.
15. My cell phone…turned off just now.
16. When I wake up in the morning…I go take a leak.
17. Before I go to sleep at night…I pat my sleeping wife on the butt.
18. Right now I am thinking about…walking these sweet hounds of mine.
20. I get on LiveJournal…pretty much every day.
21. Today, I…will go to work.
22. Tonight, I will…cook dinner.
23. Tomorrow, I will…work in my garden.
24. I really want…rule the world with an adamantium fist.

Caution: Contents May Cause Brain Melting

…or itchy feet

Ok, kids, Uncle Doc has a couple of questions for all the Roleplaying Gamers out there. Yes, that includes you folks involved in the industry side of the hobby, cos yer still gaming geeks.

Question 1: If you are a PLAYER of table top RPGs, why? What do you get from it? What’s the attraction?

Question 2: If you are a GAMEMASTER of table top RPGs, why? What do you get from it? What’s the attraction?

My answers will appear tonight or tomorrow.

Particle Man VS The Electric Birdhouse

…ok, so I was listening to “Flood”

Stuff…on a roll, with mustard & relish

1: Grace is doling a bit better…less coughing, more sleeping.

2: I have a pulled muscle or pinched nerve in my neck. It hurts and pisses me off.

3. Winker’s yeast infection in her ears seems to be under control, but we won’t know for sure until she goes to the vet a week from tomorrow.

4: Daisy is as healthy and as sweet as a dog can be.

5: Saw a trailer for “The Incredible Hulk” on the Spike channel. Holy crap, does it look good!

6: Worked in the garden yesterday. Decided I may have a plant sale in a week or so, owing to the fact that I have so many plants that need thinning.

7: Have not yet begun the job searching, due mostly to looking after Grace and The Girls, but I do have job info for the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op, so I think I’ll start there.

8: I don’t think I mentioned it here, but my visit to Dr. James, the orthopedic surgeon, revealed that my right wrist has A: a nodule of some sort pressing on nerves and B: a piece of dead bone. Both can be treated by surgical removal, the nodule much more easily than the dead bone. Hopefully, they can replace the dead bone with a webshooter or a laser or something really cool.

9: I want to go on a long driving vacation so bad I can taste it. Alas, poverty precludes any such trip until summer of 2009 at the earliest.

10: Later today, after some gardening, I shall begin writing up the far too long awaited Violet post.

Doc Tempest And The Monster On The Moon

…from the September, 1999 issue

A Short Note To All Public Figures

Dear Rich & Powerful Men & Women,

Please read the following several times, take it to heart, then go on with your lives.


None! Nobody’s genitalia or bodily orifices are that good. God himself could not offer a piece of ass worth a grand! I don’t care if the object of your lust is so good they can suck a cock through the mail, they ain’t worth the big bucks. You are insane to pay that much for sex.

Thank you for listening,


Fried Sea Monkey Salad

…yum yum

Well, Grace got a call from her doctor and it would seem that the chest X-rays they took the other night indicate that she has pnumonia. She stayed home from work today, but will be back at work tomorrow. She is on antibiotics and is resting as much as possible. Also, I’m keeping a close eye on her. Hopefully, she’ll be on the mend soon.

Meme Time: The Challenge Meme

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don’t blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don’t blog about, but you’d like to hear about, and I’ll write a post about it. Ask for anything: my favorite things, last book read, political leanings, dark secrets, my plot to overthrow all world governments, etc, etc, etc. Repost this in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.

Chapter 143: In Which Our Hero, Newly Knighted, Seeks The Counsel Of Wizards And Eats A Peach Tart

…mmmm, good tart

The High School Meme

1. Did you date someone from your school?

I dated several girls from my high school and a few from nearby high schools.

2. Did you win anything in Senior’s Who’s Who?

The what?

3. What kind of car did you drive?

My car was a 1957 Chevy pickup. Sometimes I got to drive my mother’s fire engine red 1965 Chevy Impala.

4. It’s Friday night…where are you at?

At the drive in movie with my date and my buddies and their dates, then we’d hit the cruise.

5. Were you a party animal?

Yeah, some of the time.

6. Were you considered a flirt?

Sometimes, yes.

7. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?


8. Were you a nerd?

While I had a few nerdy aspects, I was overwhelmingly a Class Clown, a Schemer (as in plotting parties and mischeif) and a low level Rebel

9. Did you get suspended/expelled?

I got suspended once for 2 days for fighting. I got alot of detentions in my first 2 years.

10. Can you sing the fight song?


11. Who were your favorite teachers?

Mr. James, a great biology teacher who, as a young man, had been a carnival barker.

12. Where did you sit during lunch?

In the cafeteria with my friends.

13. What was your school’s full name?

Marysville High School

14. School mascot?

The Indians

15. Homecoming court?

Not hardly, pilgrim.

16. If you could go back and do it again, would you?


17. What do you remember most about graduation?

Passing a bottle of Wild Turkey and a shot glass back and forth in the row in which I sat. The row in front of us had vodka.

19. Have you gained some weight since then?


20. Who was your senior prom date?

A young lass named Stephanie. We left early:)

21. Are you planning on going to your 10-year reunion?

That weould have been back in 1982. I didn’t go to it, nor any other reunion since.

22. Who was your homeroom teacher?

We didn’t have a homeroom.

23. Who will repost?

Don’t know and don’t care.

24. Did you play any sports?

No, but I did once make out with a cheerleader.

25. Do you still talk to people from school?

If I meet up with them somewhere, which almost never happens.

26. What year did you graduate?


George The Dinosaur Goes To The Movies

…to see Jurassic Park

The best laid plans of mice, men and free range californian celtic white boys oft go awry…especially when the aforementioned white boy has to tend to a sick wife, wrangle basset hounds and do housekeeping. Ergo, there will be no Violet post tonight.

Give Me A Rockin’ Piano Solo With A Side Order Of Saxaphone

…and some extra heavy bass guitar

Ok, folks, I’m finally feeling ready to resume the saga of Violet and her pals. I shall attempt the writing of a rather long entry tonight.

In other news, the ever creative robindlaws has posted his quite cool idea for running a mix of seminar and audience participation RPG (for charity, no less) at an upcoming game convention. As with so many things Robin has written over the years, this filled me with ideas. Mostly, these ideas concerned doing something similar at Dundracon next year to celebrate 20 years of running annual TOON games. I’m reckoning that I could get a pretty good sized crowd once the word got out that…

1: I’d be trying to set a record for the most people in a TOON game
2: You could buy (via donations to charity) cool and dangerous in game items and powers that would allow you to either Boggle or Make Fall Down friends and strangers alike.
3: You could bribe the Animator via more donations.
4: After, or maybe during, the game, you could bid to inflict comedic indignities upon the Animator. By indignities, I mean seltzer water down the pants, wedgies, green slime on top of the head and, of course, cream pie in the face. Actually, the chance to assault my alleged dignity could well bring out many of my gaming pals who never come to Dundracon.

Anyway, it’s something I shall think about.

The Rare And Beautiful Squishy Rhinoceros Of Potawango Island

…and they’re neon colored


1: My health level is almost back to normal. Yay!

2: Grace’s health, however, is not so great, mostly due to having caight my cold. In fact, even as I write this, she is at Urgent Care getting looked over by a doctor who can hopefully prescribe her some meds.

3: Dog healthwise, Daisy is fit as a fiddle, but our poor little Winkerdog had to go to the vet today because the yeast infection in her ears didn’t respond well to the meds he prescribed last time. After getting a thorough ear cleaning, her ears were pack full of some semi-experimental new goop that will slowly be absorbed and should kick those yeasts right in the ass.

4: Played in our regular CoC game yesterday and it was a big ol’ bunch of fun. We rode a ghost train bound for Hell, played poker with John Wesley Hardin and, in the end, outsmarted the Devil himself. Oh yeah, the food we ate during the game (pulled pork and chicken, beans, cornbread, coleslaw) was totally delish.

5: I just watched an episode of No Reservations where Tony Bourdain went back to Les Halles to work as a line cook. Watching it brought back memories of my own years as a line cook at various restaurants. As Bourdain says at the end of the show, “working the line is a young person’s job”. Amen to that. If I tried to do it now, I’d have a heart attack and die halfway through the dinner rush. Still, in my day, I was a grill working motherfucker. And don’t even get me started on what it takes to cook a million and a half eggs at breakfasts over the course of 15 months.

6: Saturday night, the Sci-Fi Channel, in a continuation of their valliant attempt to make a lameass movie based upon EVERY FUCKING MONSTER OF MYTH AND LEGEND, premiered “Ogre. It pretty much blew, but not as bad as epics like “Basilisk“, “Gryphon” and “Minotaur“. In a couple of weeks, they’ll be showing “Rock Monster“. I wonder why they didn’t just call it “Stone Golem“?

7: My current (as in, the lasy 15 1/2 years) place of employement is going through a rough patch, as are many restaurants, thanks to the economy going into the dumper. (thank you, Buish administration and the fucking Republican party) There have been slow business periods before, but when you factor in our current franchise owner, this patch looks very bad indeed. Taking into account the price of gas, I think it is time for Uncle Doc to seek employment elsewhere. I shall keep y’all updated on how this goes.

Mexican Jenny And The Trip To Portland

…during which nobody was arrested, hurt, ill or left behind

In Meme Yet Green: 1982

So, as part of that “tell us about your life in the year XXXX” meme, I was assigned the year 1982. Of all the years that could have been picked, 1982 is one of the top ten most interesting years in my life…and that’s saying something. Anyway, here’s the scoop…

I started 1982 by celebrating a year of living in San Jose, California. I was working in a restaurant as a cook, rooming with my best friend and pretty much enjoying the bachelor life. So, you ask, what was the really interesting stuff?

1: Lots of partying! At least 2-3 parties a month, plus many nights of hitting the clubs (and by clubs I mean everything from dance clubs to biker bars to neighborhood dives). There were also many nights of just hanging with friends.

2: Gaming! And by this I mean roleplaying and by that I mean AD&D first edition. My group celebrated a year of playing in late February of 1982. We played 2-3 hours every Wednesday night and from 8 to 12 hours most Saturday afternoons/evenings…and we did this about 40 weeks a year for 2 years. I was the GM 99.99999% of the time.

3: Sex! Lots of sex. Some…well most of it…with the same 4-5 women (no, NOT in a group, you dirty minded scalawags), but there were also some one nighters. And a few two nighters:)

4: Travel! The bulk of my travelling was within California, but hell, that covers a fair bit of land. There were a couple of trips to Nevada…one to Oregon…an unplanned side trip into Arizona…and a rather hasty and still not discussed trip all the way to northern Montana.

5: Good health amongst family and friends! Nobody died or got sick among my family or friends, altho 1982 was only about a year away from my Dad getting the cancer that would kill him in February of 1984. In fact, it’s rather a miracle that I didn’t get hurt at all in 1982. I guess I got a year off after breaking my collarbone and wrist in 1981.

6: Adventures! Most of these were connected with #4 above, but a couple were because of #1 or #3. Come to think of it, there were even a couple linked to #2. Of course, the vast bulk of my adventures were because of CENSORED and CENSORED, including the one in Las Vegas.

7: Movies! The whole time I lived in San Jose, I don’t think I saw less than 2 movies a week. Some weeks, thanks to theatre hopping at the $1.00 a person 10 screen second/third run multiplex, I’d see 5 or 6 a week.

So yeah, in 1982, I pretty much indulged myself in a hedonistic lifestyle. It was hella fun.

Just Keep Walkin’, Ambrose

…yeah, that’s a very obscure reference, Dementoids

A Remembrance Of Games Gone By

As some of my LJ friends have done today, I hereforth tell the tale of my first encounter with Dungeons & Dragons.

It was late November of 1976 and my first wife and I had been living in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area for just shy of 2 months. I was newly out of the Navy and trying hard to put the memory of that 4 years behind me.

In Eugene, there was a bookstore that I found had a reasonably good selection of sci-fi, fantasy, etc. One day, while visiting there, I heard two young college age guys talking about something called Dungeons & Dragons. I had never heard of it before then, but from what the one was telling the other, it appeared to be a game where you could play a Conanesque fighter or a Gandalflike mage and go adventuring in dungeons.

Being a longtime fan of Tolkien, Lieber and Howard, this intrigued me, so I introduced myself and asked them about D&D. The one fellow, whose name is lost in the mists of middle aged memory, excitedly told me about the game and how cool it was to go through dungeons gathering loot and killing monsters. His friend, who I found had not yet played the game, told me a guy who was a “DM” was starting up a new dungeon and was looking for players. I got info and phone numbers from them and left, thinking that I’d check this D&D thing out.

About a week later, I showed up at the DM’s home. It was actually his parents home, but they were on vacation and he had the run of the house. (in fact, this 30+ guy still lived with his folks, had a part time job delivering bundles of newspapers and looked like every stereotypical cat piss man gamer I’ve ever met since then…but he was the first).

There were 6 players and after a few minutes of chat and introductions, we all created characters, with mine being a human fighter. I think I had 7 hit points. It was all very exciting to me and I was already thinking of how I’d buckle a swash or two. Then we entered the dungeon.

For about 30 minutes, not much happened. We found the bones of a few previous adventurers, searched a room that yielded a bit of loot and went deeper into the darkness. Then, out of a side tunnel, came a couple of orcs. A pitched battle ensued, which damned near killed several of us. Still, it was exciting and fun and we got some more loot. Life was looking good.

The next hour went much the same, except that our Elven archer got killed, we met a strange old man who healed us in exchange for half our loot and we found a passage to a lower level. Naturally, flush with full hit points, we went down to level 2.

And got killed by a troll. Utterly wiped out. No survivors. Game session over.

Now, not knowing any better, I assumed we had just messed up somehow. Maybe we should avoid going down to Level 2 next time.

Wouldn’t have mattered. The next session was all about traps, which picked us off until we were all dead.

Session 3? Horde of orcs handed us our sliced off asses.

Sessions 4-6? More Killer DM fun.

I created a new character each time, only to see him die. Talking with the other players, I could feel the dissension in the ranks. This game could be better…be more fun. After the last session, one player, whose name was Tom (the only name I really remember, now) had pretty much decided to start DMing his own game, with “less dying and shit”.

Alas, by this point, my marriage had entered the “argument of the day” stage and was working rapidly towards critical mass. I played no more D&D in Oregon, or anywhere else, for about a year and a half. But I never forgot those early wonderful and frustrating sessions, so that when I next played D&D, I knew what I wanted out of the game. Even more importantly, it planted the seeds of GMing in me, which eventually lead me into a whole series of real life adventures.

But that’s another story:)

Lolcats Ran Off With My Favorite Hamster

…and they ate my cheeseburger

Well, my little pals, I finally had a night of more than 4 hours sleep. True, it came in a 4 hour chunk, followed by a 2.5 hour chunk, followed by two 1 hour chunks, but what the hell…it was sleep.

My head still aches, but my nasal passages are pretty much dry. i’m not coughing as much, and when I do cough, it is as the doctors would say, productive (if by “productive” one means coughing up chunks of mucus the size of Tahiti). My body is less achey than before and I am all around a less pitiful creature than in recent days.

Despite these improvements, My Sweet Little Warm Cinnamon Bun With Melted Butter Of Happiness has laid down the law that I will again go to bed right after dinner tonight. Since one does not argue with Dr. Grace, I shall do as she says.

In other news, during those moments when my brain is defogged enough for logical thought, I’ve been thinking of the following…

1: When finally I get to the next chapter of Violet’s adventure, I think it shall be only a matter of 4-5 installments before I end that chapter of her journey. However, like James Bond, she will return at some point.

2: I’m considering starting up another LJ in which I post nothing but fiction written in exactly 300 word installments. Yes, that could well mean ending a post in mid sentence. It’s an idea I’ve been considering for a couple of years now.

3: Since I’m not going to GenCon this summer, I’m considering having a mini (as in weekend long) “NotAtGenCon” here in Sacramento. I have my two gaming groups to seduce into this, as well as a few other folks. I shall float the idea to all concerned in June or July.

And now, I must be off to work.

Goodbye, Mr. Gygax


So I get home just a few minutes ago and the first thing I see on my Friends List is that E. Gary Gygax, half of the duo that created Dungeons & Dragons, has died.

I met Gary twice. The first time was at my very first GenCon, when I got on an elevator in the Hyatt and found myself face to face with him. Now, I’ve never been a slobbering D&D fanboy, but I was still a bit taken aback. I introduced myself and told him I really liked D&D. He shook my hand, thanked me for the compliment and then got off on his floor. I felt rather cool.

The second time I met him was again at GenCon, but 4-5 years later. I was at a party and more than a bit tipsy. I was regaling a couple of fellow gamers with a recap of a TOON game and when I paused to take a drink, a voice next to me says “Ah, TOON, really fun game there.” I turn and see Mr. G standing there. I thanked him and for a couple of minutes we discussed how D&D games could sometimes become near TOONish. Then some younger TSR types came and began chatting him up, so I wandered off to get another drink.

Thank you for co-inventing the hobby I love, Mr. Gygax.

The 9 Things You Never Want To Say To A Rabid Mink

…of course, if you speak mink, there are 14 more

Despite being brought to a state of near death by allergies, I shall still attempt to entertain you via the following IM exchange made earlier tonight.

DocCross [7:05 P.M.]: I, on the other hand, am being skullfucked by a dedicated team of allergy goblins.
DocCross [7:06 P.M.]: If I felt like shit, it would be a step up.
Avylou [7:06 P.M.]: Sorry to hear it.
Avvylou [7:07 P.M.]: Millie got the ice cream carton stuck on her head for a second earlier.
DocCross [7:07 P.M.]: my head explodes regularly, my nose has become Victoria Falls, I cough about every 3 seconds and my body, already screwed by only a few hours of sleep last night, aches.
DocCross [7:07 P.M.]: A lesser man would be dead by now.
Avylou [7:08 P.M.]: how long will your allergy season last?
DocCross [7:09 P.M.]: On the infintesimal bright side, my shiny new Ear Nose and Throat doctor said I have only minimal throat damage from reflux and in all other respects my sinuses and throat are fine.
DocCross [7:09 P.M.]: Allergies this time of year could last 2 weeks.
Avylou [7:10 P.M.]: That’s an encouraging report from the doc. She/he give you any good meds for the allergies?
DocCross [7:10 P.M.]: The early summer head exploding sinus headache allergy season will last 1-3 days.
DocCross [7:11 P.M.]: During which time, I will vacillate between pitiful wimp and surly S.O.B.
DocCross [7:11 P.M.]: Yes, he gave me meds. Just took the first pill a bit ago.
Avylou [7:11 P.M.]: what are you taking?
DocCross [7:12 P.M.]: Jeez, I just read all of the above stuff I wrote. I’m a rather verbose motherfucker, ain’t I?
Avylou [7:13 P.M.]: yep, that you are
Avylou [7:13 P.M.]: :-)
DocCross [7:13 P.M.]: I’m taking Pantoprazole, which sounds like an Italian dish.
Avylou [7:13 P.M.]: for your sinuses? that sounds more like a reflux medicine…
Avylou [7:14 P.M.]: yep, that’s what it is (just googled it) –
DocCross [7:14 P.M.]: I have asked Grace to please shoot me, but alas, we do not own a gun. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I shall ask her to poison me.
Avylou [7:14 P.M.]: proton pump inhibitor
DocCross [7:16 P.M.]: I feel vaguely uneasy about having my proton pumps, or indeed, any of my pumps, inhibited.

More bloggage later.

Dogs Eating Sweet Potatoes, Cats Eating Turnips, Mice Eating Asparagus

…actually, dogs love sweet potatoes

Doc’s Day Well, going out in the wind today had it’s good points and bad points. Good point: got a fine dining room table and chairs. Bad point: the wind grabbed an allergy hammer and gave me a helluva beatdown. I am SO glad I have an early morning appointment to see an Ear Nose & Throat doctor tomorrow. I’m hoping for some good drugs and a clear answer to what sort of defect I have in my throat.

Once we came home, it was a bit of cleaning, then resting for me. In fact, I’ll be going to bed way early tonight, since I only get about 2 hours of sleep out of every 4 I’m in bed.

We were going to bath the dogs tonight, but that’ll have to wait.

And now, I’m outta here. More bloggage tomorrow.

The Dog Who Thought She Was A Lap Warmer

…a 42 pound lap warmer

Well, boys and girls, Uncle Doc had a rather sporadic 3.5 hour (4:00 to 7:30) nap this afternoon. It’s hard to sleep for long at a stretch when you get coughing fits from a goddamned tickle in your throat. No cold…no fever…no runny nose…no phlegm…just a friggin’ tickle in my throat.

Anyway, I’m about to hit the sack again. Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow aside from going to pick up a table and chairs from weaktwos, who has gotten herself a new set from Ikea. Most likely, I’ll do some very relaxed gardening, then rest some more.

I hate being sick.

The Incredibly Strange, Yet Somehow Comforting, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Green Zebra

…co-starring her Uncle Floyd and his trained toupee

The Horticultural Whore Is Not Ready Yet

Ok, so today and tomorrow were both going to be all about me gardening.
Nice weather? Check.
Tools ready? Check.
Ground mostly drained of recent rainfall? Check
Gardener in good shape for tackling a mess o’ work? Nope.

After slightly over an hour in the garden, I felt like I had been struck down by the Paw of Dog. My sore throat went apeshit…my back threatened mutiny…my chest hurt and I felt like I was gonna puke.

So, it would seem that not having really gardened much for 3 months, plus having been sick for about a month and a half, set me up for a damned short gardening session.

So, now that I feel human and I’ve been dosed with vitamins/minerals/medicines, I’m gonna go take a nap. By direct order of Doctor Grace. I shall not argue.