The Rare And Beautiful Carnivorous Fig Tree Of Potawango Island

…tasty figs, but they bite

Stuff…on a cloudy day

1: Decided not to attend ConQuest Sac this year. I really can’t afford it. I’ll go next year…IF the con is still around then.

2: My gaming group was supposed to meet tomorrow for boardgaming, but I’m putting that off until next Sunday. After that, I’ll be gaming most sundays with either Group #1 or Group #2.

3: As mentioned above, it is a grey and drizzly day so far. If it drys out and turns sunny, I’ll be putting in my veggie garden. If not, I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

4: For my bibliophilic friends in the Sacramento area, two weeks from today will see the start of the annual Sacramento ASPCA’s nine day long book sale. Not sure of the location yet, but it’s usually at Birdcage Walk on Sunrise. This is a humongous book sale, so save yer pennies:)

Time for me to get rolling on household chores. More bloggage later.

Dorsey The Fence Makes A Bad Business Decision

…and ends up on the run

Hi there! My allergies have lessened up on their assault, but I’m still Mr. Sneezy. So, instead of writing an entry for this morning, I’ve let Daisy and Winker do it.

Daisy: Woof! Wiff, wuff, bark, bark. Bark, ruff, ruff, woof? Whine, bow wow, wuff, wuff! Woof, woof, bow wow, wuff. Bark, bark!

Winker: Wiff, wiff, woof! Woof, woof, whine, bark. Wuff! Bow wow, bow wow, ruff. Woof, woof? Rrrrrowf!

More bloggage later today.

Pirate Chipmunks Go Wild

…carousing, looting, eating out of bird feeders

You know what? Allergies SUCK! My nose is runny, I get sneezing fits and every so often, my left eye (never the right eye. what the hell’s up with that?) itches like crazy. Blahhh! I feel like stomping Tokyo into fiery ruins.

The Astounding Adventures Of Doctor Tempest In The Land Of The Cat Women

…from the January, 1901 edition

Sunday went well here at the D&G Cross Basset Hound Spa and Hotel. Some housework got done, lots of yummy lasagna was eaten and plenty of lounging about was done. Daisy and I did go on a 1.5 mile hike, and in the evening, we all walked down the street to the park so The Girls could roll in the grass, sniff around and explore. A pretty good Sunday, as these things go.

Our taxes are done and E-filed, so that annual pain in the ass is done with.

Today is vet visit day for Winker and doctor visit day for Grace. For me, it’s worky worky. For Daisy, it’s a Home Alone Day.

The Sad Ballad Of Junior Muskrat And The Mean Weasels

…as sung by Tom Waits

To All My Friends Of A Non-Religious Leaning: Happy Undead Jesus Day!

To All My Friends Of Various Religious Faiths: Happy Whatever Day!

All you religious folks need to standardize yer holidays, so as to make things easier on us heathens.

Today at Chez Cross there will be relaxing, house cleaning, gardening, smooching, making of lasagna, dog walking, cooking of lasagna, more relaxing, eating of lasagna, tax doing, dish washing, laundry doing and other fun stuff. Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve downloaded and am checking out Microlite20 and it’s looking pretty sweet. It’s d20, gutted and stripped to the bare bones. It is just possible I may use it in the near future. It looks like it would be the way to go for a d20 hater like myself:)

So…next weekend is Conquest Sac, the only local game con. Problem is, the con last year was pretty fuckin’ lame. I went on Friday night for a few hours, then again on Saturday for about 2 hours, then said “fuck it”. There just wasn’t all that much going on for a non-wargamer.

Anyway, this year, I’ll stop by on Friday night and check it out. If I like what I see, I’ll buy a badge for Saturday. Sunday is the day my regular gaming group (the one I GM for) gets together to play boardgames and decide what our next RPG series will be.

Speaking of the next series for my gaming group, I have it narrowed down to a Pulp Era series that focuses on stopping the fiendish machinations of a single evil villain…or, a modern era “treasure hunt” for the parts of a mysterious device…or, a low magic fantasy setting in which the players are all thieves out to get rich. I have no idea which one they’ll pick, altho betting on the fantasy series is probably smart.

And now, I’m off to do stuff.

The Horticultural Whore Sees Red

…and green

This morning, one of the local garden centers has 4 inch pots of veggie plants on sale: two for $1.29. This is a good deal, so I went to check it out.

I found that by “veggies” they meant about a dozen varieties of tomato, 5 varieties of pepper and 1 variety of cucumber. No beans, squash, melons, eggplant or other veggies.

Still, the plants looked good and the price was right, so I bought…

2 pots of Superbeef tomatoes
1 pot of Brandywine tomatoes
1 pot of Mortgage Lifter tomatoes
1 pot of Early Girl tomatoes
1 pot of Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes
1 pot of Yolo Wonder bell peppers
1 pot of Italian Sweet peppers

I’ll have to buy my grean beans, cantalopes, squash and more peppers at a later date.

And now, my answers to the “Why Do You Play/GM RPGs?” question.

I play rpgs mostly for the chance to socially interact and to assume a different identity for awhile. I also enjoy the chance to match wits with the GM.

I GM for the same reasons as above, plus I enjoy the mental workout I get from both creating a world/setting/situation and matching with with a group of players.

However, the main reason I both play and GM (and write/create RPG stuff) is to give some outlet to my nonstop imagination, which never ever truly shuts down.

Now it’s time for me to drink my Oolong, then go spray vinegar on my weedy enemies in the garden.

Creamy Lizard Pudding

…is it made from creamy lizards or is it creamy pudding for lizards?

A bit of quick meme stuff

Finish The Sentence Meme…

1. I’ve come to realize that…animals are superior to people.
2. I listen to…more things than people suspect.
3. I talk…a lot.
4. I love…Grace, The Girls, My Family, My Friends.
5. My best friends…all a bit odd, in one way or another.
6. My first real kiss…was life changing.
7. I lost my virginity…to an older woman.
8. I hate it when people…behave stupidly.
9. Love is…crazy and wonderful.
10. Marriage is…like love, only more fun.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking…but they are in the minority.
13. I have a secret crush on…someone whose identity shall not be revealed, lest the secret die.
14. The last time I cried was because…I heard about something terrible.
15. My cell phone…turned off just now.
16. When I wake up in the morning…I go take a leak.
17. Before I go to sleep at night…I pat my sleeping wife on the butt.
18. Right now I am thinking about…walking these sweet hounds of mine.
20. I get on LiveJournal…pretty much every day.
21. Today, I…will go to work.
22. Tonight, I will…cook dinner.
23. Tomorrow, I will…work in my garden.
24. I really want…rule the world with an adamantium fist.