A Loose Goose Named Bruce Stuck In A Caboose With An Obtuse Juiced Moose

…writing that one kinda hurt my brain


1: Tomorrow night is Curryfest with our friend, Sharon. We haven’t seen her in dog’s age, ever since she abandoned Sacramento to go live with her son and daughter in law in the wilds of Seattle. Should be fun and good eatin’.

2: Speaking of good eatin’, due to the high price of nearly everything, but especially good (as in not deadly poisonous China based) dog food, I cooked up a huge pot of “dog rice” for The Girls. Besides rice, it contains potatos, carrots, zuchinni, sweet potatos, chicken livers, chicken giblets and just enough herbs to make it Puperrific and Dogalicious. The Girls have been eating it with great enthusiasm.

3: Apparently, D&D 4th Edition has gone on sale at some online outlets a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, as well as popping up in downloadable PDF for out on the internet. This has gotta be pissing Hasbro/WOTC off a bit and REALLY pissing off brick & mortar game stores. It is an indication of how little I care about 4E that I won’t even bother downloading it for free.

4: Should be a pretty busy weekend for we residents of stately Cross Manor. Curryfest on Friday, SPCA Doggie Dash on Saturday and my mom’s 80th birthday on Sunday. I foresee some serious sleeping on Sunday night.

The Horticultural Whore Keeps Score

…of veggies, that is

Hereforth, a list of what is growing in the garden..

So far, I’ve harvested 2 of the round “Eight Ball” zuchinnis and one of the yellow pattypan squash. There are many more on each vine.

The Blue Lake green beans (both pole and bush type) will see their first offerings picked tomorrow.

The “Sweet 100” cherry tomatos are growing fast and turning orange.

The “Early Girl” tomatos are about ping pong ball sized.

The Anaheim pepper bush has one 3 inch long pepper on it.

The cucumber vine has about nine 1″ long cucumbers on it.

The spaghetti squash has six 1 inch long squashes on it.

The cantalope vine has many flowers.

The remaining 2 pepper plants, 4 tomato plants and 2 okra plants are still dealing with the cool spell we’re in just now.

Gonna eat the zuchinni and pattypan squash tomorrow night. Yumski!

On the herb front, I have tons of french tarragon, thyme, chives, fennel fronds, oregano and both spearmint and chocolate mint. If any of my Sacramento LJ buddies want some herbs, let me know.

My Life Among The Female Humans

…pretty much equal parts bliss and terror

Ok, what the fuck is up with this screwy assed weather? Last weekend, it was near 100 and sunny…today, it was chilly (mid 60’s), overcast and drizzly rainy. And that comes after 2-3 days of high winds. My veggie garden is very confused. I’m warning you, weather…stop dicking around with my tomatos!

The Utahraptor Mafia

…they don’t shoot you, they eat you

7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Some Herbs And/Or Veggies

1: It’s pretty easy and not terribly expensive.
2: Many herbs & veggies grow well in pots.
3: Tons of books and websites to help you.
4: Fresh veggies and herbs are healthier than store bought.
5: They are way cheaper than store bought.
6: It’s good for the environment.
7: Homegrown veggies taste better.

You don’t need a hugeass garden. One zucchini plant will feed 3-4 people all they can eat plus plenty to freeze for winter. 2-3 tomato plants will do the same. Ditto chili peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, etc. For green beans, you can grow the vining pole beans (which produce beans over a long time period) or compact bush beans (which produce all their beans at once) and have green beans all winter. In the fall, you can plant spinach, lettuce, cabbage and several root veggies the spinach and root veggies will winter over quite well with only a bit of protection, like a layer of straw.

As for herbs, they are dead easy to grow and don’t even like really rich soil. Good old dirt mixed with a small amount of compost and some gravel works darned well. Since most herbs are perennials, once you get them established, you’re good to go for years.

If you have the room, you might consider a few berry vines (grow them in pots if the can become invasive) and strawberry plants. Even better, if you have a 6’X 6′ space, you can build a raised bed and plant 3-4 dwarf fruit trees in it. The root crowding, plus some judicious pruning, will keep them small and manageable. They will produce a surprising amount of fruit.

And don’t even get me started on why you ought to keep a few hens for eggs…

Raising Hell For Fun and Profit

…mostly for fun

Well, Dear Readers, it would seem that the polls I posted the other day were rather popular. So, in absence of anything new or interesting to post, here are a couple more time wasting posts.

Note: The following poll may offend Republicans who voted for Bush twice. If so, to them I say: fuck you.

The Horticultural Whore Moves Up The Evolutionary Scale

…but can it last?

After years of going out and working in the garden for 3-4 hours at a whack…on hot days like today…and getting exhausted and even getting a bit of heatstroke…I have changed my ways. Starting today, I’m trying a new way of gardening when the temp is over 90. I go out, work for 10-15 minutes, then come back in for 30-40 minutes. So far, it’s working well. This is eerily like having common sense, and that is new and shiny to me:)

And now, as I rest up before tackling some transplanting of naughty mint plants, a poll or two.

The Place Where Old People Have Sharp Teeth And Dead Eyes

…damn, I just creeped myself out

Finally, we have great weather here in California! It has been in the high 90’s to low 100’s for the past several days. I’m lovin’ me some heat!

On Tuesday, I go to see a hand surgeon about possibly removing some dead bone in my right hand. If they do it, it will mean another scar. A few more operations and my right hand will look positively Frankenstienian.

The hot weather is really causing my veggies to take off. There are now blooms on my cucumber and cantalope vines.

Gotta go run errands. More bloggishness later.