Doc Tempest VS The Batman

…from the January 1970 issue

Here, my friends, for your possible amusement, are the complete lyrics to the “Food For Dogs” song that I sing to The Girls every time I feed them.

Food For Dogs (words and music by Doc Cross)


“It’s food for dogs!”
“Not hogs”
“or frogs”
“on logs!”
“It’s food for dog-dog-dogga-dog-dogs”

“It’s food for Daisy”
“Who isn’t crazy!”
“It’s food for Winker”
“My little stinker!”

“It’s food for dog-dog-dog-dog-DOGS!”

Note: The last line is sung in a very low bass.


6 comments on “Doc Tempest VS The Batman

  1. nice, I bet it makes them wag

    • Doc Cross says:

      They come running into the kitchen before I even finish “Who wants…”
      By the time I’m done with the song, they are both positively aquiver:)

  2. I am now singing “It’s FOOD FOR DOGS!” in a very low bass too, improved by my current Barry White chest infection.
    Great song.

    • Doc Cross says:

      Be careful, lest you get Rowan walking around singing “It’s FOOD FOR DOGS”, too. Then you’d have to explain the whole thing to teachers, friends, etc:)

  3. avylou says:

    Man, I LOVE this song!

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